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 1TITLEComing Back TogetherAUTHORJohn Burland
 2COPYRIGHTLINE\John Burland                                                                       CCL 1139EPARTŸWe're all coming back together
 3With our God and family
 4We're all coming back together
 5Building the Kingdom with everyone
 6Building the Kingdom with everyonePARTUYes I have turned away
 7I've wandered far
 8Into Your loving arms
 9I come back to You.PARTŸWe're all coming back together
10With our God and family
11We're all coming back together
12Building the Kingdom with everyone
13Building the Kingdom with everyonePART`Now with Your gentle hand
14Your warm embrace
15I hear Your Word again
16From darkness comes light.PARTŸWe're all coming back together
17With our God and family
18We're all coming back together
19Building the Kingdom with everyone
20Building the Kingdom with everyonePARTWCome now let's celebrate
21For you are home
22Within our community
23Our God calls to you.PARTŸWe're all coming back together
24With our God and family
25We're all coming back together
26Building the Kingdom with everyone
27Building the Kingdom with everyone