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 2Provident GodAUTHORMary P Trainor
 3COPYRIGHTLINEM P TrainorPARTxProvident God, generous God,
 4God of earth and sea and sky,
 5creating, sustaining, renewing, enriching God,
 6loving God.PARTYou bring daylight out of darkness
 7and sunshine after rain,
 8You paint the colours in the sunset
 9and bring healing out of pain.PARTxProvident God, generous God,
10God of earth and sea and sky,
11creating, sustaining, renewing, enriching God,
12loving God.PART{You weave patterns in our fabric,
13you mould and shape our clay,
14You sing a song ever new.
15Together we play our symphony.PARTxProvident God, generous God,
16God of earth and sea and sky,
17creating, sustaining, renewing, enriching God,
18loving God.PARTŒYou care for the lilies of the field,
19You know when a sparrow falls,
20You call our name and You heal our shame,
21hold us safe in Your arms.PARTxProvident God, generous God,
22God of earth and sea and sky,
23creating, sustaining, renewing, enriching God,
24loving God.