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 1TITLEBlessings on the KingAUTHORFrank Andersen
 2COPYRIGHTLINE Frank Andersen & Chevalier PressPARTiBlessings on our King!
 3Blessings on our King!
 4Honour, glory, praise and thanks!
 5Blessings on our King!PARTpWho do you say I truly am?
 6What is your faith in me?
 7You are the One, promised of old!
 8Son of the living God!PART`Jesus is our King!
 9There is just one Lord!
10Lord of life and Lord of death!
11Jesus is our Lord!PARTpThis is ny Son, truly beloved!
12My Spirit lives in him!
13Listen to him! Open your hearts!
14He is my gift to you!PARTgSing your praises now!
15Sing "Hosanna" Sing!
16We praise you, we bless you Lord!
17Blessings on our King!PART}Have you the strength to drink with me
18From this one cup of mine?
19I am your Lord, you cannot live
20Other than I have lived!PARTiBlessings on our King!
21Blessings on our King!
22Honour, glory, praise and thanks!
23Blessings on our King!