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 1TITLEReceive the WordAUTHOR
 2David Haas
 3COPYRIGHTLINEGIA PublicationsPARTvReceive the Word,
 4the Gospel of the Lord,
 5the Son of God!
 6Receive the Word,
 7the Gospel of the Lord,
 8Jesus Christ!PART;Your Word is a lamp to our feet,
 9and a guide for our path!PARTvReceive the Word,
10the Gospel of the Lord,
11the Son of God!
12Receive the Word,
13the Gospel of the Lord,
14Jesus Christ!PART6O Lord, you alone have the Words
15of everlasting life!PARTvReceive the Word,
16the Gospel of the Lord,
17the Son of God!
18Receive the Word,
19the Gospel of the Lord,
20Jesus Christ!PART>Your word will dwell within,
21not on stone, but in our hearts!