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 1God in His Wisdom
 2.i Š Timothy Dudley-Smith
 4God in His wisdom, for our learning, 
 5Gave His inspired and holy Word
 6Promise of Christ, for our discerning,
 7By which our souls are moved and stirred,
 9Finding our hearts within us burning
10When, as of old, His voice is heard.
12Symbol and story, song and saying,
13Life-bearing truths for heart and mind,
14God in His sovereign grace displaying
15Tenderest care for humankind,
17Jesus our Lord this love portraying,
18Open our eyes to seek and find.
20Come then with prayer and contemplation,
21See how in Scripture Christ is known;
22Wonder anew at such salvation
23Here in these sacred pages shown;
25Lift every heart in adoration,
26Children of God by grace alone!