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/Test Databases/Esther/Playlists/22_08_04CSV

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22004/08/22,12:35,"Joy is the flag flying high",US2,"Joy is the flag flying high from the castle of my heart","Joy is the flag flying high from the castle of my heart",Childrens,Š,,,C:\Present3\Childrens\US2.TXT,
32004/08/22,12:35,"I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy",JP121,"I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy","And I'm so happy, so very happy",Childrens,"Phil Burt Š",,,C:\Present3\Childrens\JP121.txt,
42004/08/22,12:35,"Don't build your house (Sandy land)",KS40,"Don't build your house on the sandy land,","Don't build your house on the sandy land,",Childrens,"Karen Lafferty Š 1981 Mranatha! Music",,,C:\Present3\Childrens\KS40.txt,
52004/08/22,12:35,"I'm special",mp0325,"I'm special because","I'm special because",Mp,"Graham Kendrick",,,C:\Present3\Mp\mp0325.txt,
62004/08/22,12:35,"Before the throne of God above",SII643,"Before the throne of God above","Before the throne of God above",Source,"Vikki Cook Š 1997 PDI Worship",,,C:\Present3\Source\SII643.txt,
72004/08/22,12:35,"Jesus take me as I am",382,"Jesus take me as I am","Jesus take me as I am",Mp,Š2000,,,C:\Present3\Mp\382.TXT,