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22004/08/15,12:38,"I am the way, the truth and the life",JP89,"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life","I am the Way, the Truth and the Life",Childrens,"Traditional Š 1971 Scripture Union",,,C:\Present3\Childrens\JP89.txt,
32004/08/15,12:38,"God's not dead",KS85,"God's not dead, (No!)","God's not dead, (No!)",Childrens,"Unknown alt. G Leavers & P J Horrobin Š 1986 Horrobin/Leavers",,,C:\Present3\Childrens\KS85.txt,
42004/08/15,12:38,"Twelve men went to spy in Canaan",jp261,"Twelve men went to spy in Canaan,","Some saw giants big and tall,",Childrens,,,,C:\Present3\Childrens\jp261.txt,
52004/08/15,12:38,"Above all powers",Source2,"Above all powers, above all kings,","Above all powers, above all kings,",Source,Š2000,,,C:\Present3\Source\Source2.TXT,
62004/08/15,12:38,"Faithful one",S089,"Faithful one,","Faithful one,",Source,"Brian Doerksen",,,C:\Present3\Source\S089.txt,
72004/08/15,12:38,"You laid aside Your majesty",mp0795,"You laid aside Your majesty,","You laid aside Your majesty,",Mp,"Noel Richards",,,C:\Present3\Mp\mp0795.txt,