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 1God has spoken by His prophets.
 2.i George W Briggs
 5God has spoken by His prophets,
 6spoken His unchanging word;
 7each from age to age proclaiming
 8God the One, the righteous Lord;
 9in the world's despair and turmoil
10one firm anchor still holds fast:
11God is King,
12His throne eternal,
13God the First and God the Last.
16God has spoken by Christ Jesus,
17Christ, the everlasting Son;
18brightness of the Father's glory,
19with the Father ever one:
20spoken by the Word incarnate,
21Life, before all time began,
22Light of light to earth descending,
23God, revealed as Son of Man.
26God is speaking by His Spirit
27speaking to our hearts again;
28in the age - long word expounding
29God's own message, now as then.
30Through the rise and fall of nations
31one sure faith is standing fast:
32God abides, His word unchanging,
33God the First and God the Last.