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 1Rejoice! Rejoice!
 2.i Graham Kendrick
 5Rejoice! Rejoice! 
 6Christ is in you, 
 7The hope of glory 
 8In our hearts. 
 9He lives! He lives! 
10His breath is in you, 
11Arise a mighty army, 
12We arise.
15Now is the time for us 
16To march upon the land, 
17Into our hands 
18He will give the ground we claim. 
19He rides in majesty 
20To lead us into victory, 
21The world shall see 
22That Christ is Lord!
24Rejoice! Rejoice! 
25Christ is in you, 
26The hope of glory 
27In our hearts. 
28He lives! He lives! 
29His breath is in you, 
30Arise a mighty army, 
31We arise.
34God is at work in us 
35His purpose to perform, 
36Building a kingdom 
37Of power not of words, 
38Where things impossible, 
39By faith shall be made possible; 
40Let's give the glory 
41To Him now.
43Rejoice! Rejoice! 
44Christ is in you, 
45The hope of glory 
46In our hearts. 
47He lives! He lives! 
48His breath is in you, 
49Arise a mighty army, 
50We arise.
53Though we are weak, His grace 
54Is everything we need; 
55We're made of clay 
56But this treasure is within. 
57He turns our weaknesses 
58Into His opportunities, 
59So that the glory 
60Goes to Him. 
62Rejoice! Rejoice! 
63Christ is in you, 
64The hope of glory 
65In our hearts. 
66He lives! He lives! 
67His breath is in you, 
68Arise a mighty army, 
69We arise, we arise,
70We arise.