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 1The God of Abraham praise,
 2.i Thomas Olivers
 5The God of Abraham praise,
 6Who reigns enthroned above,
 7Ancient of everlasting days,
 8and God of love.
 9Jehovah! Great I AM!
10By earth and heaven confessed;
11I bow and bless the sacred name
12for ever blessed.
15The God of Abraham praise,
16At whose supreme command
17From earth we rise,
18and seek the joys
19at His right hand.
20We all on earth forsake
21Its wisdom, fame, and power
22And Him our only portion make,
23our shield and tower.
26The God of Abraham praise,
27Whose all-sufficient grace
28Shall guide us all our happy days
29in all our ways.
30He is our faithful friend,
31He is our gracious God;
32And He will save us to the end
33through Jesus' blood.
36He by Himself hath sworn,
37We on His oath depend:
38We shall, on eagles' wings upborne,
39to heaven ascend;
40We shall behold His face,
41We shall His power adore,
42And sing the wonders of His grace
43for evermore.
46The whole triumphant host
47Give thanks to God on high;
48Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
49They ever cry.
50Hail, Abraham's God, and ours!
51We join the heavenly lays;
52and celebrate with all our powers
53His endless praise.