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 1God of all ages
 2.i Philip Coutts
 4God of all ages
 5and Lord for all time,
 6Creator of all things
 7in perfect design:
 8for fields ripe for harvest,
 9for rich golden grain,
10for beauty in nature,
11we thank you again.
13God of all nations
14and Lord of all lands,
15who placed the world's wealth
16in the palm of our hands,
17we pray for Your guidance
18to guard against greed.
19though great the resources,
20still great is the need.
22God of compassion
23and Lord of all life,
24we pray for Your people
25in conflict and strife.
26The earth you created
27a vast treasure store,
28yet a hunger still thrives
29while men fight to gain more.
31God of all wisdom,
32take us by the hand
33and insight bestow
34when we ruin Your land.
35For rivers polluted,
36for forests laid bare,
37we pray Your forgiveness
38for failing to care.
40God of all greatness
41and giver of light,
42with each sunlit morning
43we worship Your might,
44our half-hearted service
45Your only reward:
46for love beyond measure,
47we thank You, O Lord.