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 1Lord of the Church,
 2.i Timothy Dudley-Smith
 5Lord of the Church,
 6we pray for our renewing: 
 7Christ over all, 
 8our undivided aim; 
 9fire of the Spirit, 
10burn for our enduing, 
11wind of the Spirit, 
12fan the living flame!
14We turn to Christ 
15amid our fear and failing, 
16the will that lacks 
17the courage to be free, 
18the weary labours, 
19all but unavailing, 
20to bring us nearer 
21what a church should be. 
24Lord of the Church, 
25we seek a Father's blessing, 
26a true repentance 
27and a faith restored, 
28a swift obedience 
29and a new possessing, 
30filled with the Holy 
31Spirit of the Lord! 
33We turn to Christ 
34from all our restless striving, 
35unnumbered voices 
36with a single prayer - 
37the living water 
38for our souls' reviving, 
39in Christ to live, 
40and love and serve and care. 
43Lord of the Church, 
44we long for our uniting, 
45true to one calling, 
46by one vision stirred; 
47one cross proclaiming 
48and one creed reciting, 
49one in the truth of 
50Jesus and His word! 
52So lead us on; 
53till toil and trouble ended, 
54one Church triumphant 
55one new song shall sing, 
56to praise His glory, 
57risen and ascended, 
58Christ over all, 
59the everlasting King!