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 1Darkness like a shroud
 2.i Graham Kendrick
 5Darkness like a shroud
 6Covers the earth,
 7Evil like a cloud
 8Covers the people;
 9But the Lord will rise upon you,
10And His glory will appear on you,
11Nations will come to your light.
14Arise, shine, 
15your light has come,
16The glory of the Lord 
17has risen on you;
18Arise, shine, 
19your light has come –
20Jesus the light 
21of the world has come.
24Children of the light,
25Be clean and pure;
26Rise, you sleepers,
27Christ will shine on you:
28Take the Spirit’s 
29flashing two-edged sword
30And with faith declare 
31God’s almighty words;
32Stand up, 
33and in His strength be strong!
36Here among us now,
37Christ the Light
38Kindles brighter flames
39In our trembling hearts:
40Living Word, our lamp,
41Come guide our feet –
42As we walk as one 
43in light and peace,
44Justice and truth shine 
45like the sun.
48Like a city bright,
49So let us blaze;
50Lights in every street
51Turning night to day:
52And the darkness 
53shall not overcome,
54Till the fullness
55Of Christ’s kingdom comes,
56Dawning to God’s eternal day.
59Arise, shine, 
60your light has come,
61The glory of the Lord 
62has risen on you;
63Arise, shine, 
64your light has come –
65Jesus the light of the world,
66Jesus the light of the world,
67Jesus the light of the world 
68has come.