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 1Lord of creation, to You be all praise!
 2.i Jack Winslow (1882-1974)
 5Lord of creation, 
 6to You be all praise!
 7Most mighty Your working,
 8most wondrous Your ways!
 9Your glory and might
10are beyond us to tell,
11and yet in the heart
12of the humble You dwell.
15Lord of all power,
16I give You my will,
17in joyful obedience
18Your tasks to fulfil;
19Your bondage is freedom,
20Your service is song,
21and, held in Your keeping,
22my weakness is strong.
25Lord of all wisdom,
26I give You my mind,
27rich truth that surpasses
28man's knowledge to find;
29what eye has not seen
30and what ear has not heard
31is taught by Your Spirit
32and shines from Your word.
35Lord off all bounty,
36I give You my heart;
37I praise and adore You
38for all You impart,
39Your love to inspire me,
40Your counsel to guide,
41Your presence to cheer me,
42whatever betide.
45Lord of all being,
46I give you my all;
47for if I disown You
48I stumble and fall;
49but, sworn in glad service
50Your word to obey,
51I walk in Your freedom
52to the end of the way.