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 1There's a light upon the mountains,
 2.i Henry Burton (1840-1930)
 5There's a light upon the mountains,
 6and the day is at the spring,
 7when our eyes shall see the beauty
 8and the glory of the King;
 9weary was our heart with waiting,
10and the night-watch 
11seemed so long;
12but His triumph-day is breaking,
13and we hail it with a song.
16In the fading of the starlight
17we can see the coming morn;
18and the lights of men are laying
19in the splendors of the dawn:
20for the eastern skies are glowing
21as with light of hidden fire
22and the hearts of men are stirring
23with the throbs of deep desire
26There's a hush of expectation,
27and a a quiet in the air;
28and the breath of God is moving
29in the fervent breath of prayer:
30for the suffering, dying Jesus
31is the Christ upon the throne,
32and the travail of our spirit
33is the travail of His own.
36He is breaking down the barriers,
37He is casting up the way;
38He is calling for His angels
39to build up the gates of day:
40but His angels here are human
41not the shining hosts above
42from the drum-beat of His army
43are the heart-beats of our love.
46Hark! we hear a distant music,
47and it comes with fuller swell;
48'tis the triumph-song of Jesus,
49of our King, Immanuel:
50Zion, go ye forth to meet Him;
51and, my soul, be swift to bring
52all thy sweetness and the dearest
53for the triumph of our King!