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 1God is our strength and refuge
 2.i Richard Bewes
 5God is our strength and refuge,
 6our present help in trouble;
 7and we therefore will not fear,
 8though the earth should change!
 9Though mountains
10shake and tremble,
11though swirling floods are raging,
12God the Lord of hosts
13is with us evermore.
16There is a flowing river,
17within God's holy city;
18God is in the midst of her
19she shall not be moved!
20God's help is swiftly given,
21thrones vanish at His presence
22God the Lord of hosts 
23is with us evermore
26Come, see the works of our Maker,
27learn of His deeds all-powerful;
28wars will cease across the world
29when he shatters the spear!
30Be still and know your Creator,
31uplift Him in the nations
32God the Lord of hosts 
33is with us evermore