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 1It came upon the midnight clear
 2.i E H Sears (1810-76)
 5It came upon the midnight clear,
 6That glorious song of old,
 7From angels bending
 8near the earth
 9To touch their harps of gold:
10'Peace on the earth,
11goodwill to men
12From heaven's all gracious King!'
13The world in solemn stillness lay
14To hear the angels sing.
17With sorrow brought by
18sin and strife
19The world has suffered long,
20and, since the angels sang,
21have passed
22Two thousand years of wrong;
23And man, at war with man,
24hears not
25The love-song which they bring:
26O hush the noise, you men of strife,
27And hear the angels sing.
30And those whose journey
31now is hard,
32whose hope is burning low,
33who tread the rocky path of life
34with painful steps and slow:
35O listen to the news of love
36which makes the heavens ring!
37O rest beside the weary road
38and hear the angels sing!
41And still the days are hastening on-
42by prohets seen of old-
43towards the fulness of the time
44when comes the age foretold:
45then earth and heaven renewed shall see
46the Prince of Peace, their king;
47and all the world repeat the song
48which now the angels sing.