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 2- We implemented a great suggestion by Simon Urbanek. Values obtained from
 3  Redis that are *not* serialized R objects are now decorated with an attribute
 4  named "redis string value." The package uses this to automatically maintain
 5  fidelity of the original Redis value through repeated download/upload cycles.
 6  Previous versions of the rredis package uploaded everything as serialized R
 7  values unless explictly told otherwise.  
 8- Set `options('redis:num'=TRUE)` to return Redis "`:`" messages as numeric
 9  values. This was the default behavior of the rredis package for all versions
10  up to 1.6.9. For versions of the R package later than that, redis "`:`"
11  messages are returned as raw Redis string values to correspond to the data
12  types stored in Redis.  Redis commands affected by this option include all
13  increment and decrement operations.
16- The TCP Nagle disabling scheme has been improved. The default remains
17  standard R connections.
18- A bug in the Lua script function 'redisEval' was fixed.
21- The package now includes support for Redis bit operations thanks to
22  code contributed by Kenny Helsens.
23- Wush Wu helped to add a new performance option on redisConnect to bring the
24  rredis package closer to the performance of the hiredis C library. Use the
25  nodelay=TRUE option to disable the TCP Nagle congestion control algorithm,
26  which can dramatically improve performance especially for frequent short
27  transactions, at the expense of basically allowing Redis to take over your
28  network (diable TCP Nagle at your own risk, and only enable this option if
29  you really need to). We include this option because that's what hiredis does
30  by default (?!!), and we want to make this performance gain available.
31  This TCP trickery unfortunately introduced a little bit of C code.
32- Use the `redisCmd` function to easily issue *any* Redis command, even
33  if the R package does not yet have a wrapper function for it. Useul also
34  for prototyping. This has been available for a while but people don't
35  seem to know about it.
36- We've cut back and streamlined code when returning raw values and,
37  based on a good suggestion of sherbert, there is now a unified way to return
38  raw values across all functions that retrieve stored values from Redis.
39  Simply add the `raw=TRUE` argument to skip unserialization of the returned
40  result.
43- Nonblocking connections in R are problematic, we switched
44  to blocking mode.
45- Added redisBRPopLPush
46- Added connection timeout option to redisConnect
47- Added 'eval' lua scripting functions
50- Fixed a bug in HMSet.
53- Added missing HMGet function.
54- Added generic redis function.
57- Support for new redisInfo format
58- Improved interrupt handling during communication
59- Minor man page fixes
61Significant changes in version 1.6:
62- Transactions are supported.
63- Pub/sub is supported.
64- Better support for raw value types across the board.
66Significant changes in version 1.4:
67- Many bugs were fixed in the sorted sets (redisZ*) functions.
68- New unit tests for sorted set functions were added.
70Significant changes in version 1.2:
711. We completely revamped communication with the Redis server, eliminating
72   in-line messaging in anticipation of it's demise in future Redis versions.
73   We also make a better effort to minimize copying by R prior to sending
74   a message.
762. Added support for Redis hashes and ordered sets. The R/Redis client now
77   fully supports all Redis types.