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 3<title>AngelScript: Tutorial</title>
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 9<h1><a class="anchor" name="doc_samples_tutorial">Tutorial </a></h1><b>Path:</b> /sdk/samples/tutorial/<p>
10This sample was written with the intention of explaining the basics of AngelScript, that is, how to configure the engine, load and compile a script, and finally execute a script function with parameters and return value.<p>
12<li>LineCallback() function which aborts execution when the time is up</li><li>Strings</li><li>Registered global functions</li><li>Script function parameters and return value</li><li>Retrieving information about script exceptions</li><li><a class="el" href="classas_i_script_generic.html" title="The interface for the generic calling convention.">asIScriptGeneric</a> for when the library doesn't support native calling convention </li></ul>
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