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1{"body": "h2. Getting started\n\nh3.  Edit this page\n\nYou probably want to edit FrontPage so you have your own content here. You can do that using the button in the top right. You can put whatever you want on this page. As you edit pages, !TapirWiki will record your changes. You can use the page history to view previous versions of each page.\n\nh3. New page\n\nYou can create a new page by following a link to a PageWhichDoesNotExist. For ease of use, a link to a page called NewPage is in the main navigation at the top of each page. \n\nh3. Help\n\nThere are a few other useful bits of help, and you can add your own as you go.\n[topic:HelpOn]\nh3. Advanced settings\n\nAdvanced settings for the wiki are stored in a document in Couch - the doc id is \"TAPIRWIKISETTINGS\". This sets the following:\n* The wiki name (e.g. TapirWiki)\n* The default page (e.g. FrontPage)\n* The default username for new / unknown users (e.g. Anon)\n* The pages which are linked to in the main navigation\n\nEdit this document (using Futon) to change these settings. There is no built in admin functionality in TapirWiki (yet!)\n ", "edited_by": "Nobody", "edited_on": "Mon Dec 14 2009 19:50:16 GMT+0000 (GMT)", "_id": "HelpOnGettingStarted", "type": "page"}