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  2function symbolize(opt) {
  3	symbols = null;
  4	jsdoc = new JSDOC.JsDoc(opt);
  5	symbols = jsdoc.symbolSet;
  9var testCases = [
 10	function() {
 11		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/overview.js"]});
 12		//print(Dumper.dump(symbols));	
 13		is('symbols.getSymbolByName("My Cool Library").name', 'My Cool Library', 'File overview can be found by alias.');		
 14	}
 15	,
 16	function() {
 17		symbolize({_: [SYS.pwd+"test/name.js"]});
 19		is('symbols.getSymbol("Response").name', "Response", 'Virtual class name is found.');
 20		is('symbols.getSymbol("Response#text").alias', "Response#text", 'Virtual method name is found.');
 21		is('symbols.getSymbol("Response#text").memberOf', "Response", 'Virtual method parent name is found.');
 22	}
 23	,
 24	function() {
 25		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/prototype.js"]});
 27		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").name', "Article", 'Function set to constructor prototype with inner constructor name is found.');
 28		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").hasMethod("init")', true, 'The initializer method name of prototype function is correct.');
 29		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").hasMember("counter")', true, 'A static property set in the prototype definition is found.');
 30		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").hasMember("title")', true, 'An instance property set in the prototype is found.');
 31		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#title").isStatic', false, 'An instance property has isStatic set to false.');
 32		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.counter").name', "counter", 'A static property set in the initializer has the name set correctly.');
 33		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.counter").memberOf', "Article", 'A static property set in the initializer has the memberOf set correctly.');
 34		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.counter").isStatic', true, 'A static property set in the initializer has isStatic set to true.');
 35	}
 36	,
 37	function() {
 38		symbolize({a:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/prototype_oblit.js"]});
 40		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").name', "Article", 'Oblit set to constructor prototype name is found.');
 41		is('typeof symbols.getSymbol("Article.prototype")', "undefined", 'The prototype oblit is not a symbol.');
 42		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#getTitle").name', "getTitle", 'The nonstatic method name of prototype oblit is correct.');
 43		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#getTitle").alias', "Article#getTitle", 'The alias of non-static method of prototype oblit is correct.');
 44		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#getTitle").isStatic', false, 'The isStatic of a nonstatic method of prototype oblit is correct.');
 45		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.getTitle").name', "getTitle", 'The static method name of prototype oblit is correct.');
 46		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.getTitle").isStatic', true, 'The isStatic of a static method of prototype oblit is correct.');
 47		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#getTitle").isa', "FUNCTION", 'The isa of non-static method of prototype oblit is correct.');
 48		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.getTitle").alias', "Article.getTitle", 'The alias of a static method of prototype oblit is correct.');
 49		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article.getTitle").isa', "FUNCTION", 'The isa of static method of prototype oblit is correct.');
 50	}
 51	,
 52	function() {
 53		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/prototype_oblit_constructor.js"]});
 55		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").name', "Article", 'Oblit set to constructor prototype with inner constructor name is found.');
 56		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#init").name', "init", 'The initializer method name of prototype oblit is correct.');
 57		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article").hasMember("pages")', true, 'Property set by initializer method "this" is on the outer constructor.');
 58		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#Title").name', "Title", 'Name of the inner constructor name is found.');
 59		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#Title").memberOf', "Article", 'The memberOf of the inner constructor name is found.');
 60		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#Title").isa', "CONSTRUCTOR", 'The isa of the inner constructor name is constructor.');
 61		is('symbols.getSymbol("Article#Title").hasMember("title")', true, 'A property set on the inner constructor "this"  is on the inner constructor.');
 62	}
 63	,
 64	function() {
 65		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/inner.js"]});
 67		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer").name', "Outer", 'Outer constructor prototype name is found.');
 68		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer").methods.length', 1, 'Inner function doesnt appear as a method of the outer.');
 69		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer").hasMethod("open")', true, 'Outer constructors methods arent affected by inner function.');
 70		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer-Inner").alias', "Outer-Inner", 'Alias of inner function is found.');
 71		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer-Inner").isa', "CONSTRUCTOR", 'isa of inner function constructor is found.');
 72		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer-Inner").memberOf', "Outer", 'The memberOf of inner function is found.');
 73		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer-Inner").name', "Inner", 'The name of inner function is found.');
 74		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer-Inner#name").name', "name", 'A member of the inner function constructor, attached to "this" is found on inner.');
 75		is('symbols.getSymbol("Outer-Inner#name").memberOf', "Outer-Inner", 'The memberOf of an inner function member is found.');		
 76	}
 77	,
 78	function() {
 79		symbolize({a:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/prototype_nested.js"]});
 81		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word").name', "Word", 'Base constructor name is found.');
 82		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word").hasMethod("reverse")', true, 'Base constructor method is found.');
 83		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word").methods.length', 1, 'Base constructor has only one method.');
 84		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word").memberOf', "", 'Base constructor memberOf is empty.');
 85		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word#reverse").name', "reverse", 'Member of constructor prototype name is found.');
 86		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word#reverse").memberOf', "Word", 'Member of constructor prototype memberOf is found.');
 87		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word#reverse.utf8").name', "utf8", 'Member of constructor prototype method name is found.');
 88		is('symbols.getSymbol("Word#reverse.utf8").memberOf', "Word#reverse", 'Static nested member memberOf is found.');
 89	}
 90	,
 91	function() {
 92		symbolize({a:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/namespace_nested.js"]});
 94		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1").name', "ns1", 'Base namespace name is found.');
 95		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1").memberOf', "", 'Base namespace memberOf is empty (its a constructor).');
 96		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1.ns2").name', "ns2", 'Nested namespace name is found.');
 97 		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1.ns2").alias', "ns1.ns2", 'Nested namespace alias is found.');
 98 		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1.ns2").memberOf', "ns1", 'Nested namespace memberOf is found.');
 99 		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1.ns2.Function1").name', "Function1", 'Method of nested namespace name is found.');
100 		is('symbols.getSymbol("ns1.ns2.Function1").memberOf', "ns1.ns2", 'Constructor of nested namespace memberOf is found.');			
101	}
102	,
103	function() {
104		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/functions_nested.js"]});
106		is('symbols.getSymbol("Zop").name', "Zop", 'Any constructor name is found.');
107		is('symbols.getSymbol("Zop").isa', "CONSTRUCTOR", 'It isa constructor.');
108		is('symbols.getSymbol("Zop").hasMethod("zap")', true, 'Its method name, set later, is in methods array.');
109		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo").name', "Foo", 'The containing constructor name is found.');
110		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo").hasMethod("methodOne")', true, 'Its method name is found.');
111		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo").hasMethod("methodTwo")', true, 'Its second method name is found.');
112		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo#methodOne").alias', "Foo#methodOne", 'A methods alias is found.');
113		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo#methodOne").isStatic', false, 'A methods is not static.');
114		is('symbols.getSymbol("Bar").name', "Bar", 'A global function declared inside another function is found.');
115		is('symbols.getSymbol("Bar").isa', "FUNCTION", 'It isa function.');
116		is('symbols.getSymbol("Bar").memberOf', "_global_", 'It is global.');
117		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo-inner").name', "inner", 'An inner functions name is found.');
118		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo-inner").memberOf', "Foo", 'It is member of the outer function.');
119		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo-inner").isInner', true, 'It is an inner function.');
120	}
121	,
122	function() {
123		symbolize({a:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/memberof_constructor.js"]});
125		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent").name', "Tangent", 'Constructor set on prototype using @member has correct name.');
126 		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent").memberOf', "Circle", 'Constructor set on prototype using @member has correct memberOf.');
127 		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent").alias', "Circle#Tangent", 'Constructor set on prototype using @member has correct alias.');
128 		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent").isa', "CONSTRUCTOR", 'Constructor set on prototype using @member has correct isa.');
129		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent").isStatic', false, 'Constructor set on prototype using @member is not static.');
130		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent#getDiameter").name', "getDiameter", 'Method set on prototype using @member has correct name.');
131		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent#getDiameter").memberOf', "Circle#Tangent", 'Method set on prototype using @member has correct memberOf.');
132		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent#getDiameter").alias', "Circle#Tangent#getDiameter", 'Method set on prototype using @member has correct alias.');
133		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent#getDiameter").isa', "FUNCTION", 'Method set on prototype using @member has correct isa.');
134		is('symbols.getSymbol("Circle#Tangent#getDiameter").isStatic', false, 'Method set on prototype using @member is not static.');
135	}
136	,
137	function() {
138		symbolize({a:true, p: true,  _: [SYS.pwd+"test/memberof.js"]});
140		is('symbols.getSymbol("pack.install").alias', "pack.install", 'Using @memberOf sets alias, when parent name is in memberOf tag.');
141		is('symbols.getSymbol("pack.install.overwrite").name', "install.overwrite", 'Using @memberOf sets name, even if the name is dotted.');
142		is('symbols.getSymbol("pack.install.overwrite").memberOf', "pack", 'Using @memberOf sets memberOf.');
143 		is('symbols.getSymbol("pack.install.overwrite").isStatic', true, 'Using @memberOf with value not ending in octothorp sets isStatic to true.');
144	}
145	,
146	function() {
147		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/borrows.js"]});
149		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout").name', "Layout", 'Constructor can be found.');
150		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout").hasMethod("init")', true, 'Constructor method name can be found.');
151		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout").hasMember("orientation")', true, 'Constructor property name can be found.');
153		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").hasMethod("reset")', true, 'Second constructor method name can be found.');
154		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").hasMember("orientation")', true, 'Second constructor borrowed property name can be found in properties.');
155		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page#orientation").memberOf', "Page", 'Second constructor borrowed property memberOf can be found.');
156		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").hasMethod("myGetInnerElements")', true, 'Can borrow an inner function, add it as a static function.');
158		is('symbols.getSymbol("ThreeColumnPage#init").alias', "ThreeColumnPage#init", 'Third constructor method can be found even though method with same name is borrowed.');
159		is('symbols.getSymbol("ThreeColumnPage#reset").alias', "ThreeColumnPage#reset", 'Borrowed method can be found.');
160		is('symbols.getSymbol("ThreeColumnPage#orientation").alias', "ThreeColumnPage#orientation", 'Twice borrowed method can be found.');
162	}
163	,
164	function() {
165		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/borrows2.js"]});
167		is('symbols.getSymbol("Foo").hasMethod("my_zop")', true, 'Borrowed method can be found.');		
168		is('symbols.getSymbol("Bar").hasMethod("my_zip")', true, 'Second borrowed method can be found.');
169	}
170	,
171	function() {
172		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/constructs.js"]});
174		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person").hasMethod("say")', true, 'The constructs tag creates a class that lends can add a method to.');		
175	}
176	,
177	function() {
178		symbolize({a: true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/augments.js", SYS.pwd+"test/augments2.js"]});
180		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").augments[0]', "Layout", 'An augmented class can be found.');
181		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page#reset").alias', "Page#reset", 'Method of augmenter can be found.');
182		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").hasMethod("Layout#init")', true, 'Method from augmented can be found.');
183		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").hasMember("Layout#orientation")', true, 'Property from augmented can be found.');
184		is('symbols.getSymbol("Page").methods.length', 3, 'Methods of augmented class are included in methods array.');
186		is('symbols.getSymbol("ThreeColumnPage").augments[0]', "Page", 'The extends tag is a synonym for augments.');
187		is('symbols.getSymbol("ThreeColumnPage").hasMethod("ThreeColumnPage#init")', true, 'Local method overrides augmented method of same name.');
188		is('symbols.getSymbol("ThreeColumnPage").methods.length', 3, 'Local method count is right.');
190		is('symbols.getSymbol("NewsletterPage").augments[0]', "ThreeColumnPage", 'Can augment across file boundaries.');
191		is('symbols.getSymbol("NewsletterPage").augments.length', 2, 'Multiple augments are supported.');
192		is('symbols.getSymbol("NewsletterPage").inherits[0].alias', "Junkmail#annoy", 'Inherited method with augments.');
193		is('symbols.getSymbol("NewsletterPage").methods.length', 6, 'Methods of augmented class are included in methods array across files.');
194		is('symbols.getSymbol("NewsletterPage").properties.length', 1, 'Properties of augmented class are included in properties array across files.');
195	}
196	,
197	function() {
198		symbolize({a:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/static_this.js"]});
200		is('symbols.getSymbol("box.holder").name', "holder", 'Static namespace name can be found.');
201		is('symbols.getSymbol("").name', "foo", 'Static namespace method name can be found.');
202		is('symbols.getSymbol("box.holder").isStatic', true, 'Static namespace method is static.');
204		is('symbols.getSymbol("box.holder.counter").name', "counter", 'Instance namespace property name set on "this" can be found.');
205		is('symbols.getSymbol("box.holder.counter").alias', "box.holder.counter", 'Instance namespace property alias set on "this" can be found.');
206		is('symbols.getSymbol("box.holder.counter").memberOf', "box.holder", 'Static namespace property memberOf set on "this" can be found.');
207	}
208	,
209	function() {
210		symbolize({a:true, p: true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/lend.js"]});
212		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person").name', "Person", 'Class defined in lend comment is found.');
213		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person").hasMethod("initialize")', true, 'Lent instance method name can be found.');
214		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person").hasMethod("say")', true, 'Second instance method can be found.');
215		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person#sing").isStatic', false, 'Instance method is known to be not static.');
217		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person.getCount").name', "getCount", 'Static method name from second lend comment can be found.');
218		is('symbols.getSymbol("Person.getCount").isStatic', true, 'Static method from second lend comment is known to be static.');
220		is('LOG.warnings.filter(function($){if($.indexOf("notok") > -1) return $}).length', 1, 'A warning is emitted when lending to an undocumented parent.');
221	}
222	,
223	function() {
224		symbolize({a:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/param_inline.js"]});
226		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout").params[0].type', "int", 'Inline param name is set.');
227		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout").params[0].desc', "The number of columns.", 'Inline param desc is set from comment.');
228		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#getElement").params[0].name', "id", 'User defined param documentation takes precedence over parser defined.');
229		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#getElement").params[0].isOptional', true, 'Default for param is to not be optional.');
230		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#getElement").params[1].isOptional', false, 'Can mark a param as being optional.');
231		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#getElement").params[1].type', "number|string", 'Type of inline param doc can have multiple values.');
232		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#Canvas").params[0].type', "", 'Type can be not defined for some params.');
233		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#Canvas").params[2].type', "int", 'Type can be defined inline for only some params.');
234		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#rotate").params.length', 0, 'Docomments inside function sig is ignored without a param.');
235		is('symbols.getSymbol("Layout#init").params[2].type', "zoppler", 'Doc comment type overrides inline type for param with same name.');
236	}
237	,
238	function() {
239		symbolize({a: true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/shared.js", SYS.pwd+"test/shared2.js"]});
241		is('symbols.getSymbol("Array#some").name', 'some', 'The name of a symbol in a shared section is found.');
242		is('symbols.getSymbol("Array#some").alias', 'Array#some', 'The alias of a symbol in a shared section is found.');
243		is('symbols.getSymbol("Array#some").desc', "Extension to builtin array.", 'A description can be shared.');
244		is('symbols.getSymbol("Array#filter").desc', "Extension to builtin array.\nChange every element of an array.", 'A shared description is appended.');
245		is('symbols.getSymbol("Queue").desc', "A first in, first out data structure.", 'A description is not shared when outside a shared section.');
246		is('symbols.getSymbol("Queue.rewind").alias', "Queue.rewind", 'Second shared tag can be started.');
247		is('symbols.getSymbol("startOver").alias', "startOver", 'Shared tag doesnt cross over files.');
248	}
249	,
250	function() {
251		symbolize({a: true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/config.js"]});
252		is('symbols.getSymbol("Contact").params[0].name', 'person', 'The name of a param is found.');
253		is('symbols.getSymbol("Contact").params[1].name', '', 'The name of a param set with a dot name is found.');
254		is('symbols.getSymbol("Contact").params[2].name', 'person.age', 'The name of a param set with a dot name is found.');
255		is('symbols.getSymbol("Contact").params[4].name', 'connection', 'The name of a param after config is found.');
257		is('symbols.getSymbol("Family").params[0].name', 'persons', 'Another name of a param is found.');
258		is('symbols.getSymbol("Family").params[1].name', 'persons.Father', 'The name of a param+config is found.');
259		is('symbols.getSymbol("Family").params[2].name', 'persons.Mother', 'The name of a second param+config is found.');
260		is('symbols.getSymbol("Family").params[3].name', 'persons.Children', 'The name of a third param+config is found.');
262	}
263	,
264	function() {
265		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/ignore.js"]});
266		is('LOG.warnings.filter(function($){if($.indexOf("undocumented symbol Ignored") > -1) return $}).length', 1, 'A warning is emitted when documenting members of an ignored parent.');
268	}
269	,
270	function() {
271		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/functions_anon.js"]});
272		is('symbols.getSymbol("a.b").alias', 'a.b', 'In anonymous constructor this is found to be the container object.');
273		is('symbols.getSymbol("a.f").alias', 'a.f', 'In anonymous constructor this can have a method.');
274		is('symbols.getSymbol("a.c").alias', 'a.c', 'In anonymous constructor method this is found to be the container object.');
275		is('symbols.getSymbol("g").alias', 'g', 'In anonymous function executed inline this is the global.');
276		is('symbols.getSymbol("bar2.p").alias', 'bar2.p', 'In named constructor executed inline this is the container object.');
277		is('symbols.getSymbol("").alias', '', 'In parenthesized anonymous function executed inline function scoped variables arent documented.');
279	}
280	,
281	function() {
282		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/oblit_anon.js"]});
283		is('symbols.getSymbol("opt").name', 'opt', 'Anonymous object properties are assigned to $anonymous.');
284		is('symbols.getSymbol("opt.conf.keep").alias', 'opt.conf.keep', 'Anonymous object properties are assigned to $anonymous.');
285		is('symbols.getSymbol("opt.conf.base").alias', 'opt.conf.base', 'Anonymous object properties are assigned to $anonymous.');
287	}
288	,
289	function() {
290		symbolize({a:true, p:true, _: [SYS.pwd+"test/params_optional.js"]});
291		is('symbols.getSymbol("Document").params.length', 3, 'Correct number of params are found when optional param syntax is used.');
292		is('symbols.getSymbol("Document").params[1].name', "id", 'Name of optional param is found.');
293		is('symbols.getSymbol("Document").params[1].isOptional', true, 'Optional param is marked isOptional.');
294		is('symbols.getSymbol("Document").params[2].name', "title", 'Name of optional param with default value is found.');
295		is('symbols.getSymbol("Document").params[2].isOptional', true, 'Optional param with default value is marked isOptional.');
296		is('symbols.getSymbol("Document").params[2].defaultValue', " This is untitled.", 'Optional param default value is found.');
299	}
303//// run and print results