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  1. #summary A guide to installing JsDoc Toolkit.
  2. #labels Deprecated
  3. = Installing JsDoc Toolkit =
  4. This is easy. !JsDoc Toolkit will run on any computer that can run Java, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  5. = Requirements =
  6. * You must have Java installed in order to run !JsDoc Toolkit. Go to the official [ Java Download Page] to find out how to get Java if you don't already have it.
  7. * You must download the latest copy of !JsDoc Toolkit from [ the official download page].
  8. * You _should_ verify that the !JsDoc Toolkit zip file you downloaded has not been corrupted or tampered with before unzipping it. The SHA-1 Checksum value for every downloadable file on Google Projects is available on the same page with the download link. To run the check on Windows, use the [ sha1sum tool]. The command would look similar to the example below. The long string of characters generated by your sha1sum program should match the signature shown on the google-code download page.
  9. {{{
  10. C:\Program Files>sha1sum.exe \TEMP\Downloaded\
  11. b17fc09840eb5e421b1d2c1c99e34f0b99edc9ba \TEMP\Downloaded\
  12. }}}
  13. * Mac OS X and Linux users can use `openssl` to perform the same task. See this [ description of using openssl to verify a SHA-1 digest] for more detail.
  14. * The !JsDoc Toolkit [ distribution] is compressed usingthe [ zip archive] format in order to make it faster to download. You must have a tool for decompressing zip files in order to use !JsDoc Toolkit. These are widely available for nearly every platform.
  15. = Installation =
  16. If you have Java and you've unzipped your !JsDoc Toolkit download, you're finished! Everything you need to run !JsDoc Toolkit is contained in the jsdoc-toolkit folder.
  17. You'll now need to pop open a [ command prompt] and change your working directory to the jsdoc-toolkit folder. To learn what command line options are available to run !JsDoc Toolkit visit the CmdlineOptions wiki page.