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 1== Rules for contributing to TortoiseHg ==
 3Note that these rules may change together with the code base as the project
 4evolves. Specifically, the compatibility rules in the default branch may be
 5different from those in the stable branch.
 7=== Library compatibility ===
 9Our code base assumes minimum versions of library components as listed below.
10That is, our code must not depend on features or API's that were introduced
11in any later versions of the respective components.
12It may be ok though if some advanced user interface features are available only
13if later versions of a library are found to be present at runtime, provided the
14application is still reasonably usable with the base library versions listed
17PyQt: 4.6
19=== Python version ===
21TortoiseHg needs to run on Python 2.4, to stay consistent with Mercurial