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Possible License(s): AGPL-1.0
  1. Before trying to compile the Yolk demo application, be sure to read the README
  2. and make sure that all the dependencies are met.
  3. Building the Yolk demo is as simple as:
  4. $ make
  5. If you have a multicore system you can prepend make with PROCESSORS=n to speed
  6. things up.
  7. And that's all. You now have a fully functioning Yolk application in the exe/
  8. directory. Be sure to copy the config.ini.dist file from extras/ to the demo
  9. exe/configuration/ directory and adjust both the config files to match your
  10. setup. You can start the Yolk demo with the --yolk-config-file option and have
  11. Yolk look for the configuration file in the given location.
  12. You can build a debug version of the demo with:
  13. $ make debug
  14. If you have valgrind available on your system, you can try running this version
  15. with:
  16. $ valgrind -v --leak-check=full \
  17. --show-possibly-lost=no \
  18. --track-origins=yes yolk_demo
  19. You'll get some leaks, but they are stable and does not grow over time, so
  20. don't worry about them.