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  2. <html>
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  5. <title>Installing the Java Plug-in</title>
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  8. <br>
  9. <p>
  10. <h2>Installing the Java Plug-in</h2>
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  12. <p>
  13. The Laj and Maj applets are written for Java 1.2 (a.k.a.
  14. J2SE 1.2), and theoretically any web browser that fully supports
  15. this (or any higher version) should work. However, for best
  16. compatibility we recommend that you download and install the official
  17. <b>Java Plug-in</b> software from Sun Microsystems.
  18. This plug-in generally works with a variety of web browsers,
  19. including Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla.
  20. <p>
  21. The main overview page for the Java Plug-in product is
  22. <a href="">
  23.</a>, and an assortment
  24. of download links is available at
  25. <a href="">
  27. Sun also provides a simplified download facility (latest version
  28. only), which is accessible via the "Download NOW" button at
  29. <a href=""></a>.
  30. For details about exactly which platforms are supported, see
  31. <a href="">
  33. <p>
  34. The plug-in is
  35. usually bundled with the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) and the
  36. Java 2 Software Development Kit (JDK/SDK). If you are given a choice
  37. between these, either will do; the JRE is smaller because it
  38. doesn't include developer tools, but both of them contain the
  39. plug-in. Note that even though Laj does not currently use any Java
  40. features beyond 1.2, as of this writing it is compiled with version
  41. 1.3.1 of Sun's SDK, so running it with the corresponding version
  42. (or higher) of the plug-in is recommended. We have, however,
  43. observed some drawing anomalies with the 1.4.x series on some
  44. platforms (including "phantom repeats" in the symbol panel and
  45. failure to draw the zoom box and crosshairs), so you may want to
  46. stick with 1.3.x or 1.5.x.
  47. <p>
  48. Each download should come with installation instructions
  49. (read them!), but here are some additional platform-specific
  50. tips.
  51. <p>
  52. <h3>Windows</h3>
  53. <p>
  54. We recommend that you <b>delete any previously installed versions</b>
  55. of the plug-in, JRE, JDK, and/or
  56. SDK before you install the new one, to avoid getting them mixed.
  57. For example, in Windows 98 you can do this by opening the Start
  58. menu and choosing Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs,
  59. then selecting from the list the items you want to uninstall.
  60. After the new installation is complete, you may need to close
  61. and restart your browser to make it recognize the new plug-in,
  62. or even reboot your computer.
  63. <p>
  64. Note that versions of Sun's Java above 1.3.x will not work on
  65. Windows 95.
  66. <p>
  67. <h3>Macintosh</h3>
  68. <p>
  69. Currently Sun does not have a Java Plug-in for Macs, but Mac OS X
  70. ships with a sufficiently recent version of Java already included,
  71. and further updates may be available via Apple's Software Update
  72. mechanism (depending on your version of OS X). We have observed
  73. display anomalies in some versions (e.g., red circle has a black
  74. background), but Laj et al. should still be usable.
  75. For Mac OS Classic, Apple has a Java runtime called MRJ 2.2.5, but
  76. unfortunately it only supports Java 1.1.8 (not Java 1.2) and thus
  77. will not work with our applets.
  78. <p>
  79. For more information about Java on the Mac, see
  80. <a href="">
  81.</a> and
  82. <a href="">
  84. <p>
  85. <h3>Linux</h3>
  86. <p>
  87. Sun now provides versions of the Java Plug-in for Linux, in
  88. either RPM or self-extracting binary format.
  89. Be sure to read the installation notes first,
  90. for system requirements and detailed instructions.
  91. <p>
  92. <h3>Solaris</h3>
  93. <p>
  94. Note that Solaris 8 already includes Java 1.2, though you may
  95. want to install a newer version. Sun provides versions of the
  96. Java Plug-in for Solaris on both Sparc and x86 processors.
  97. Be sure to read the installation notes first,
  98. for system requirements and detailed instructions. In particular,
  99. note that you may need to apply some Solaris patches to your
  100. system before installing Java, and possibly obtain additional
  101. fonts. You might also want to uninstall any previous versions of
  102. the plug-in, JRE, JDK, and/or SDK to avoid getting them mixed. After
  103. the installation, you may need to close and restart your browser
  104. to make it recognize the new plug-in.
  105. <p>
  106. One last bit of advice: at one point during our installation,
  107. we were instructed to enter the command &nbsp;<tt>xhost +</tt>&nbsp;,
  108. but this is a <b>bad idea</b> because it seriously compromises your
  109. system security. If this message appears, we recommend using proper
  110. security protocols instead.
  111. <p>
  112. <!--
  113. <h3>Other Platforms</h3>
  114. <p>
  115. For availability of the Java Plug-in on other computers, see
  116. <a href="">
  118. <p>
  119. -->
  120. <br>
  121. <p>
  122. <hr>
  123. <i>Cathy Riemer, December 2005</i>
  124. </body>
  125. </html>