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 2blog_post: true
 3title: Scalate 1.2 Released
 4author: James Strachan
 6created_at: 2010-07-30 12:06:40 -0000
 7layout: /WEB-INF/scalate/layouts/blog-post.jade
10The [Scalate team]( is pleased to announce the availability of Scalate 1.2. 
12Scalate is a [Scala 2.8]( based <a href="">template engine</a> which can be used stand alone, with servlets or web frameworks like [JAXRS](, [Lift]( or [Play]( or in integration frameworks like [Apache Camel](
14The following template languages are supported through the same common API:
16* [Ssp]( which is like a Scala version of [Velocity](, JSP or Erb from Rails 
17* [Scaml]( which is a Scala dialect of [Haml]( for very DRY markup
18* [Mustache]( which is a Scala dialect of [Mustache]( for logic-less templates which also work inside the browser using [mustache.js](
20All expressions inside [Ssp](  and [Scaml]( benefit from the full power and expressiveness of Scala plus they are typesafe and checked at edit/compile time to ensure you don't leave any mistakes in your templates.
23**Scalate 1.2 Highlights**
25* Scalate now supports the [Mustache]( template language which is a Scala dialect of [Mustache]( for logic-less templates which also work inside the browser using [mustache.js]( Support for Mustache uses the same common Scalate API so it works with all the existing Scalate adapters such as servlets, [JAXRS](, [Lift]( or [Play]( and [Apache Camel](
26* Scalate is [now built]( on top of [Scala 2.8.0 final release]( 
27* [Scuery]( for jQuery style transformation of HTML or XHTML using CSS3 selectors
28* the [console]( can be more easily reused in your application [without using WAR overlays]( and templates can be loaded via the classloader to help make more modular web applications without relying on WAR overlays
29* [improvements]( in associating different template languages to files/URIs/strings/streams in a more flexible API
30* [various]( [improvements]( in the accuracy of the mapping of scala compiler errors to positions in the template source file which are then shown and linked in the [console](
31* improved [maven plugin]( for precompiling templates
33For more detail see the [Full Change Log](
35[Feedback]( is always welcome!