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  1. <?php
  2. require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/global.php');
  3. require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/users/users.php');
  4. $TITLE = 'Configuring YSlow / Page Speed';
  5. $SECTION = 'configure';
  6. require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/header.php');
  7. ?>
  8. <p><b style="color: #CC14BE">WARNING! Only use this if you're OK with all your measurements to be recorded by this instance of ShowSlow and displayed at <a href="<?php echo $showslow_base?>"><?php echo $showslow_base?></a><br/>You can also <a href="">install ShowSlow on your own server</a> to limit the risk.</b></p>
  9. <p>Set these Firefox preferences on <b>about:config</b> page:</p>
  10. <h2>YSlow</h2>
  11. <p><a href="">Yslow</a> has to be configured to send data to a Show Slow instance</p>
  12. <p>To send metrics to your instance located at <a href="<?php echo $showslow_base?>"><?php echo $showslow_base?></a>, set these Firefox preferences:</p>
  13. <ul>
  14. <li>extensions.yslow.beaconUrl = <b style="color: blue"><?php echo $showslow_base?>beacon/yslow/</b></li>
  15. <li>extensions.yslow.beaconInfo = <b style="color: blue">grade</b></li>
  16. <li>extensions.yslow.optinBeacon = <b style="color: blue">true</b></li>
  17. </ul>
  18. <h2>Page Speed</h2>
  19. <p><a href="">Page Speed</a> is configured to send metrics to <a href=""></a> by default.</p>
  20. <p>To send metrics to your instance located at <a href="<?php echo $showslow_base?>"><?php echo $showslow_base?></a>, set these Firefox preferences:</p>
  21. <ul>
  22. <li>extensions.PageSpeed.beacon.minimal.url = <b style="color: blue"><?php echo $showslow_base?>beacon/pagespeed/</b></li>
  23. <li>extensions.PageSpeed.beacon.minimal.enabled = <b style="color: blue">true</b></li>
  24. </ul>
  25. <h2>dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2.0 Beta 1</h2>
  26. <p><a href="">dynaTrace AJAX Edition</a> is configured to upload send metrics to <a href=""></a> when clicking on the <b><i>Upload your results to</i></b> link in the dynaTrace AJAX Performance Report.</p>
  27. <p>The uploaded beacon contains information about the dynaTrace AJAX Ranks which includes overall page rank and rankings for Browser Caching, Network, JavaScript and Server-Side Activities.</p>
  28. <p>As for the Beta 1, the upload URL is not configurable to a different instance than It is expected to change in Beta 2, which is expected to be released in September, 2010.</p>
  29. <h2>More metrics</h2>
  30. <p>For more information about different beacons supported by this instance of ShowSlow, see <a href="beacon/">beacons page</a></p>
  31. <h2>Additional documentation</h2>
  32. <p>You can find more detailed documentation on configuring tools to be sending data to Show Slow on our wiki here.</p>
  33. <ul>
  34. <li><a href=""></a></li>
  35. </ul>
  36. <?php
  37. require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php');