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 7   <title>MeetingScheduler Demo Description</title>
11<center><b>Meeting Scheduler</b></center>
13<p>This is a sample application that uses JADE for message exchange and
14for the implementation of the interaction protocols.
15<br>It implements a meeting scheduler agent that helps a user in scheduling
16meetings with other users.
17<br>This sample application is based on the one that was successfully used at the FIPA Interoperability
18Tests in Seoul on January 1999.
19<p>It allows to try and check:
20<blockquote>- the registration of an agent with the default DF (Directory
21Facilitator) of the platform;
22<br>- the registration of an agent with a remote DF belonging to another
23platform or, different from the default DF;
24<br>- the search within the known DFs for a list of agents and their properties,
25in particular the list of MeetingScheduler agents and the name of the user
26that they represent;
27<br>- the usage of the FipaContractNet protocol, both the initiator and
28responder role.</blockquote>
30<p><br>The source code was written a bit in an hurry, but some files may
31help you with some examples:
32<br>- demo/MeetingScheduler/ extends
33the JADE class jade.proto.FipaContractNetInitiatorBehaviour with some application-specific
35<br>- demo/MeetingScheduler/ extends
36the JADE class jade.proto.FipaContractNetResponder Behaviour with some
37application-specific code.</blockquote>
39<br>When the two agents start, two login windows appears. Put different
40user names (the password is not used, currently), e.g. "Tizio" and "Caio".
41<br>Then, use the calendar window of Tizio to fix a couple of appointments
42in different dates (notice that only the day is used and not the month)
43with different descriptions. Let's say, for instance, that Tizio has fixed
44two appointments for the 1st and the 2nd.
45<br>Switch then to the calendar window of Caio. From the directory menu,
46execute the item "Update known persons with the facilitator" such that
47Caio comes to know about Tizio existance. Use the calendar window of Caio
48to fix an appointment with Tizio between 1st and 4th. The ContractNet protocol
49should be then executed and both agents should converge to the date 3rd.
52<b>Notice that a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException might be thrawn </b>
53at java.util.Date.parse if the Regional Settings of your computer is not
54set to English <A HREF="">(see bug reported on the mailing list)</A>