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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.0, AGPL-1.0, GPL-2.0
  1config HVC_DRIVER
  2	bool
  3	help
  4	  Generic "hypervisor virtual console" infrastructure for various
  5	  hypervisors (pSeries, iSeries, Xen, lguest).
  6	  It will automatically be selected if one of the back-end console drivers
  7	  is selected.
  9config HVC_IRQ
 10	bool
 12config HVC_CONSOLE
 13	bool "pSeries Hypervisor Virtual Console support"
 14	depends on PPC_PSERIES
 15	select HVC_DRIVER
 16	select HVC_IRQ
 17	help
 18	  pSeries machines when partitioned support a hypervisor virtual
 19	  console. This driver allows each pSeries partition to have a console
 20	  which is accessed via the HMC.
 22config HVC_OLD_HVSI
 23	bool "Old driver for pSeries serial port (/dev/hvsi*)"
 24	depends on HVC_CONSOLE
 25	default n
 27config HVC_ISERIES
 28	bool "iSeries Hypervisor Virtual Console support"
 29	depends on PPC_ISERIES
 30	default y
 31	select HVC_DRIVER
 32	select HVC_IRQ
 33	select VIOPATH
 34	help
 35	  iSeries machines support a hypervisor virtual console.
 37config HVC_RTAS
 38	bool "IBM RTAS Console support"
 39	depends on PPC_RTAS
 40	select HVC_DRIVER
 41	help
 42	  IBM Console device driver which makes use of RTAS
 44config HVC_BEAT
 45	bool "Toshiba's Beat Hypervisor Console support"
 46	depends on PPC_CELLEB
 47	select HVC_DRIVER
 48	help
 49	  Toshiba's Cell Reference Set Beat Console device driver
 51config HVC_IUCV
 52	bool "z/VM IUCV Hypervisor console support (VM only)"
 53	depends on S390
 54	select HVC_DRIVER
 55	select IUCV
 56	default y
 57	help
 58	  This driver provides a Hypervisor console (HVC) back-end to access
 59	  a Linux (console) terminal via a z/VM IUCV communication path.
 61config HVC_XEN
 62	bool "Xen Hypervisor Console support"
 63	depends on XEN
 64	select HVC_DRIVER
 65	select HVC_IRQ
 66	default y
 67	help
 68	  Xen virtual console device driver
 70config HVC_UDBG
 71       bool "udbg based fake hypervisor console"
 72       depends on PPC && EXPERIMENTAL
 73       select HVC_DRIVER
 74       default n
 76config HVC_DCC
 77       bool "ARM JTAG DCC console"
 78       depends on ARM
 79       select HVC_DRIVER
 80       help
 81         This console uses the JTAG DCC on ARM to create a console under the HVC
 82	 driver. This console is used through a JTAG only on ARM. If you don't have
 83	 a JTAG then you probably don't want this option.
 85config HVC_BFIN_JTAG
 86	bool "Blackfin JTAG console"
 87	depends on BLACKFIN
 88	select HVC_DRIVER
 89	help
 90	 This console uses the Blackfin JTAG to create a console under the
 91	 the HVC driver.  If you don't have JTAG, then you probably don't
 92	 want this option.
 94config HVCS
 95	tristate "IBM Hypervisor Virtual Console Server support"
 96	depends on PPC_PSERIES && HVC_CONSOLE
 97	help
 98	  Partitionable IBM Power5 ppc64 machines allow hosting of
 99	  firmware virtual consoles from one Linux partition by
100	  another Linux partition.  This driver allows console data
101	  from Linux partitions to be accessed through TTY device
102	  interfaces in the device tree of a Linux partition running
103	  this driver.
105	  To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
106	  module will be called hvcs.  Additionally, this module
107	  will depend on arch specific APIs exported from hvcserver.ko
108	  which will also be compiled when this driver is built as a
109	  module.