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Possible License(s): GPL-2.0, LGPL-2.0, AGPL-1.0
 1This is a driver for NAND controller of Intel Moorestown platform.
 3This driver is a standalone linux block device driver, it acts as if it's a normal hard disk.
 4It includes three layer:
 5	block layer interface - file ffsport.c
 6	Flash Translation Layer (FTL) - file flash.c (implement the NAND flash Translation Layer, includs address mapping, garbage collection, wear-leveling and so on)
 7	Low level layer - file lld_nand.c/lld_cdma.c/lld_emu.c (which implements actual controller hardware registers access)
 9This driver can be build as modules or build-in.
12This driver has dependency on IA Firmware of Intel Moorestown platform.
13It need the IA Firmware to create the block table for the first time.
14And to validate this driver code without IA Firmware, you can change the
15macro AUTO_FORMAT_FLASH from 0 to 1 in file spectraswconfig.h. Thus the
16driver will erase the whole nand flash and create a new block table.
19	- Enable Command DMA feature support
20	- lower the memory footprint
21	- Remove most of the unnecessary global variables
22	- Change all the upcase variable / functions name to lowercase
23	- Some other misc bugs
25Please send patches to:
26	Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
28And Cc to: Gao Yunpeng <>