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 1ModemHangup +++ATH\r
 2ModemOK  OK
 3ModemConnect CONNECT
 4ModemError BUSY
 5ModemError NO\sCARRIER
 6ModemError NO\sDIAL
 7ModemError RING\r
 8ModemError ERROR
10# Call options (time, address and nodelist flag dependant)
11# All matching are applied in the order they are specified.
12# Possible options are "[No]Call", "[No]Hold", "[No]PUA", "[No]EMSI",
13# "[No]WaZOO", "[No]Freqs", "[No]Zmodem", "[No]ZedZap", "[No]Janus",
14# "[No]Hydra". Here, WaZOO stands for YooHoo/2U2 handshake, not for
15# the transfer scheme. FTS-0001 handshake and DietIFNA scheme cannot
16# be disallowed (because they are mandatory by standart).  "Hold" 
17# means really hold "hold" type packets and files: do not send them
18# if our system initiated the session, "NoHold" means  send "hold"
19# packets when our system initiated the session. "NoPUA" stands for
20# "No PickUp All", i.e. PUP ("Pick Up Primary").  NoCall means do not
21# perform outbound call.  This flag has no effect on the nodes
22# explicitly specified in the command line.
23# Default options are "everything allowed".
24# options  ((!CM) & time Any0700-0200) Nocall
25#options  (time Any0900-2100 & ! address 2:5020/*) Nocall
27# EMSI data for this node
28# From this line on values CANNOT be prefixed with logical expression
29# For now, escaping of '}' and ']' unimplemented, try to avoid these
30# characters please!