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 1The Network Time Protocol (NTP) Version 4 Distribution
 3This is a distribution of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) Version 4
 4sources and documentation. NTP can be used by Unix, DEC VMS and
 5Microsoft Windows NT platforms to synchronize the computer clock to
 6external sources of time, such as other NTP time servers or a local
 7radio clock. The daemon included in this distribution can operate as a
 8server, a client, or a relay from a set of servers to a dependent client
 9population on a local net. This distribution includes the daemon itself,
10plus utility programs and supporting documentation.
12You are welcome to the lot, with due consideration of the copyright
13information in the COPYRIGHT file. You are also invited to contribute
14bugfixes and drivers for new and exotic radios, telephones and sundials.
15This distribution is normally available by anonymous ftp as the
16compressed tar archive ntp-<version>.tar.gz in the pub/ntp directory on and <version> is the version number. The current stable
18and development version numbers can be found at <>.
20A considerable amount of documentation, including build instructions,
21configuration advice, program usage and miscellaneous information is
22included in the ./html directory of this distribution. The intended
23access method is using a web browser such as netscape; however, the
24pages have been formatted so that viewing with an ordinary text editor
25is practical. Start the browser on the ./html/index.html page, which
26contains additional instructions and hotlinks to the remaining pages.
27Some hotlinks for the larger documents, such as related technical
28memoranda, reports and papers, lead to other web sites where this
29information is stashed. We apologize for the inconvenience this may
30cause for users without Internet and World Wide Web access.
32If you are an old hand and just want to build the distribution, you
33might find the INSTALL file a useful shortcut. A descriptive list of all
34files in the base directory of this distribution is in the README file.
35A list of "significant" changes for the release is in the NEWS file.
37If you're interested in helping us test pre-release versions of ntpd,
38please look in <>.
40David L. Mills (
4121 June 1998