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  2Submit patches, bug reports, and enhancement requests via
  6		  The ntp Distribution Base Directory
  8This directory and its subdirectories contain the Network Time Protocol
  9Version 4 (NTP) distribution for Unix and Windows/NT systems.  This release
 10may still work on VxWorks, too.
 12The contents of the base directory are given in this file. The contents of
 13subdirectories are given in the README files in each subdirectory.
 15A complete explanation of the configure, compile and install process, as
 16well as setting up an NTP subnet, is in the HTML pages in the ./html/
 17directory. For more information on NTP and how to get a working setup,
 20For Windows/NT, visit html/build/hints/winnt.html .
 22The base directory ./ contains the autoconfiguration files, source
 23directories and related stuff:
 25COPYRIGHT	Excerpt from the HTML file ./html/copyright.html. This file
 26		specifies copyright conditions, together with a list of
 27		major authors and electric addresses.
 29INSTALL		Generic installation instructions for autoconf-based programs.
 30		Unless you really know what you are doing, you should read the
 31		directions in the HTML pages, starting with ./html/index.html.
 33NEWS		What's new in this release.
 35README		This file.
 37README.bk	Instructions for folks who use the BitKeeper-repository
 38		version of NTP.
 40README.hackers	Notes to folks who want to hack on the code.
 42TODO            List of items the NTP developers are working on.
 44WHERE-TO-START	Hints on what to read in order to get a working
 45		configuration.
 46	Automake file configuration file. Edit only if you have the
 48		GNU automake and autoconf utilities installed.
 49	Autoconf make file template for Unix.
 52adjtimed        Directory containing the sources for the adjtime daemon
 53		for HP/UX systems prior to HP-UX 10.0.
 55authstuff       Directory containing sources for miscellaneous programs
 56		to test, calibrate and certify the cryptographic
 57		mechanisms for DES and MD5 based authentication. These
 58		programs do not include the cryptographic routines
 59		themselves, so are free of U.S. export restrictions.
 61build		A script to build the distribution in A.`config.guess`
 62		subdirectory (more or less).
 64clockstuff	Directory containing sources for miscellaneous programs
 65		to test certain auxiliary programs used with some kernel
 66		configurations, together with a program to calculate
 67		propagation delays for use with radio clocks and
 68		national time dissemination services such as WWV/WWVH,
 69		WWVB and CHU.
 71conf            Directory containing a motley collection of
 72		configuration files for various systems. For example only.
 74config.guess	Script used to identify the machine architecture and
 75		operating system.
 76	Configuration file generated automatically from
 78 Do not edit.
 80configure	Script used to configure the distribution. See the HTML pages
 81		(./html/index.html) for a complete description of the options
 82		available.
 83	Master configuration template. Edit only if you have the
 85		GNU automake and autoconf utilities installed.
 87dot.emacs	C-mode indentation rules for code "Just the way Dave likes it".
 89flock_build	(UDel only) Build the distribution on a number of
 90		different platforms.
 92html            Directory containing a complete set of documentation on
 93		building and configuring a NTP server or client. The
 94		documentation is in the form of HTML files suitable for
 95		browsing and contains links to additional documentation
 96		at various web sites. If a browser is unavailable, an
 97		ordinary text editor can be used.
 99include		Directory containing include header files used by most
100		programs in the distribution.
102install-sh	Script to install a program, script or data file.
104kernel		Directory containing sources for kernel programs such as
105		line disciplines and STREAMS modules used with the CHU
106		decoder and precision PPS signals.
108libntp		Directory containing library source code used by most
109		programs in the distribution.
111ntpdate		Directory containing sources for a program to set the
112		local machine time from one or more remote machines
113		running NTP.  Operates like rdate, but much more accurate.
115ntpq            Directory containing sources for a utility program to
116		query local and remote NTP peers for state variables and
117		related timekeeping information. This program conforms
118		to Appendix A of the NTP Version 3 Specification RFC 1305.
120ntptrace        Directory containing sources for a utility program that
121		can be used to reveal the chain of NTP peers from a
122		designated peer to the primary server at the root of the
123		timekeeping subnet.
125parse		Directory containing files belonging to the generic
126		parse reference clock driver. For reasonably simple
127		clocks it is possible to get away with about 3-4Kb of
128		code. additionally the SunOS 4.x/Solaris 5.3 streams
129		module for parse squats here.
131patches		Directory containing patches already applied to this
132		distribution. These are included for record and to help
133		in possible porting problems.
135scripts		Directory containing scripts to build the configuration
136		files in this directory and then the makefiles used in
137		various dependent directories. the subdirectories
138		monitoring and support hold various perl and shell
139		scripts for visualizing synchronization and daemon startup.
140	Configuration file generated automatically from
142		Do not edit.
144util            Directory containing sources for various utility and
145		testing programs.
147David L. Mills (
14821 June 1998