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 1README file for directory ./clockstuff of the NTP Version 4 distribution
 3This directory contains the sources for utility programs designed to
 4support radio clocks. The chutest.c and clktest.c are desgined to
 5test the chu_clk and tty_clk line disciplines and STREAMS modules in
 6the ../kernel directory.
 8These files have been modified to work with either the line disciplines
 9or the STREAMS modules. Be sure to define -DSTREAM if appropriate.
11These are random bits of things written to help with clocks.  You can
12make things in here by typing one or more of:
14	make propdelay (or `make')
15	make chutest
16	make clktest
18Propdelay computes high frequency propagation delays, given the
19longitude and latitude of the transmitter and receiver.  Use
20this for WWV/H and CHU.  Don't use it for WWVB (the computation
21is easier for that).
23Chutest can be used to input and process data from a CHU modem
24attached to a serial port.  It will use the CHU line discipline
25(if installed), or raw mode otherwise.  This was used to test
26out the initial reduction algorithms, and may not be up to date.
28Clktest can be used to test the clock line discipline (CLKLDISC,
29it must be available), and to take a look at radio clocks attached to a
30serial port.