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  7        <title>Configuration Options</title>
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 12        <h3>Configuration Options</h3>
 13        <img src="../pic/pogo3a.gif" alt="gif" align="left"><a href="">from <i>Pogo</i>, Walt Kelly</a>
 14        <p>Gnu autoconfigure tools are in the backpack.</p>
 15        <p>Last update: <csobj format="ShortTime" h="25" locale="00000409" region="0" t="DateTime" w="99">12:56 AM</csobj> UTC <csobj format="LongDate" h="25" locale="00000409" region="0" t="DateTime" w="266">Saturday, March 20, 2004</csobj></p>
 16        <br clear="left">
 17        <h4>Table of Contents</h4>
 18        <ul>
 19            <li class="inline"><a href="#basic">Basic Configuration Options - the <tt>configure</tt> utility</a>
 20            <li class="inline"><a href="#opt">Options</a>
 21            <li class="inline"><a href="#dir">Directory and File Names</a>
 22            <li class="inline"><a href="#host">Host Type</a>
 23            <li class="inline"><a href="#pkg">Optional Packages</a>
 24            <li class="inline"><a href="#feat">Optional Features</a>
 25            <li class="inline"><a href="#radio">Radio Clocks</a>
 26            <li class="inline"><a href="#parse">PARSE Clocks</a>
 27        </ul>
 28        <hr>
 29        <h4 id="basic">Basic Configuration Options - the <tt>configure</tt> utility</h4>
 30        <p>The following options are for compiling and installing a working version of the NTP distribution. In most cases, the build process is completely automatic. In some cases where memory space is at a premium, or the binaries are to be installed in a different place, it is possible to tailor the configuration to remove such features as reference clock driver support, debugging support, and so forth.</p>
 31        <p>Configuration options are specified as arguments to the <tt>configure</tt> script. Following is a summary of the current options, as of the 4.0.99m version:</p>
 32        <p>Usage: <tt>configure [options] [host]</tt><br>
 33        </p>
 34        <h4 id="opt">Options</h4>
 35        <p><tt>[defaults in brackets after descriptions]</tt> Configuration:</p>
 36        <pre>
 37 --cache-file=FILE      cache test results in FILE
 38 --help                 print this message
 39 --no-create            do not create output files
 40 --quiet, --silent      do not print `checking...' messages
 41 --version              print the version of autoconf that created
 44        <h4 id="dir">Directory and File Names</h4>
 45        <pre>
 46 --prefix=PREFIX        install architecture-independent files in PREFIX [/usr/local]
 47 --exec-prefix=EPREFIX  install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX [same as prefix]
 48 --bindir=DIR           user executables in DIR [EPREFIX/bin]
 49 --sbindir=DIR          system admin executables in DIR [EPREFIX/sbin]
 50 --libexecdir=DIR       program executables in DIR [EPREFIX/libexec]
 51 --datadir=DIR          read-only architecture-independent data in DIR [PREFIX/share]
 52 --sysconfdir=DIR       read-only single-machine data in DIR [PREFIX/etc]
 53 --sharedstatedir=DIR   modifiable architecture-independent data in DIR [PREFIX/com]
 54 --localstatedir=DIR    modifiable single-machine data in DIR [PREFIX/var]
 55 --libdir=DIR           object code libraries in DIR [EPREFIX/lib]
 56 --includedir=DIR       C header files in DIR [PREFIX/include]
 57 --oldincludedir=DIR    C header files for non-gcc in DIR [/usr/include]
 58 --infodir=DIR          info documentation in DIR [PREFIX/info]
 59 --mandir=DIR           man documentation in DIR [PREFIX/man]
 60 --srcdir=DIR           find the sources in DIR [configure dir or ..]
 61 --x-includes=DIR       X include files are in DIR
 62 --x-libraries=DIR      X library files are in DIR
 63 --program-prefix=PREFIX           prepend PREFIX to installed program names
 64 --program-suffix=SUFFIX           append SUFFIX to installed program names
 65 --program-transform-name=PROGRAM  run sed PROGRAM on installed program names
 67        <h4 id="host">Host Type</h4>
 68        <pre>
 69 --build=BUILD          configure for building on BUILD [BUILD=HOST]
 70 --host=HOST            configure for HOST [guessed]
 71 --target=TARGET        configure for TARGET [TARGET=HOST]
 73        <h4 id="pkg">Optional Packages</h4>
 74        <pre>
 75 --with-PACKAGE[=ARG]   use PACKAGE [ARG=yes]
 76 --without-PACKAGE      do not use PACKAGE (same as --with-PACKAGE=no)
 78 openssl-libdir=DIR     OpenSSL object code libraries in DIR [/usr/lib/usr/local/lib/usr/local/ssl/lib]
 79 openssl-incdir=DIR     OpenSSL header files in DIR [/usr/include/usr/local/include/usr/local/ssl/include]
 80 crypto=autokey         Use autokey cryptography
 81 crypto=rsaref          Use the RSAREF library
 82 electricfence          Compile with ElectricFence malloc debugger
 84        <h4 id="feat">Optional Features</h4>
 85        <pre>
 86 --disable-FEATURE      do not include FEATURE (same as
 87 --enable-FEATURE=no)
 88 --enable-FEATURE[=ARG] include FEATURE [ARG=yes]
 90 accurate-adjtime       The adjtime() call is accurate
 91 clockctl               use /dev/clockctl (non root control of system clock)
 92 debugging              Include debugging code [enable]
 93 des                    Include support for DES keys [enable]
 94 dst-minutes=VALUE      Minutes per DST adjustment [60]
 95 gdt-surveying          Include GDT survey code [disable]
 96 hourly-todr-sync       If we should sync TODR hourly
 97 kernel-fll-bug         If we should avoid a (Solaris) kernel FLL bug
 98 kmem                   Read /dev/kmem for 'tick' and/or 'tickadj'
 99 md5                    Include support for MD5 keys [enable]
100 ntpdate-step           If ntpdate should step the time
101 slew-always            Always slew the time
102 step-slew              Step and slew the time
103 tick=VALUE             Force a value for 'tick'
104 tickadj=VALUE          Force a value for 'tickadj'
105 udp-wildcard           Use UDP wildcard delivery
107        <h4 id="radio">Radio Clocks</h4>
108        <p>(these are ordinarily enabled, if supported by the machine and operating system):</p>
109        <pre>
110 all-clocks             Include drivers for all suitable non-PARSE clocks [enable]
111 ACTS                   NIST dialup clock
112 ARBITER                Arbiter 1088A/B GPS receiver
113 ARCRON_MSF             Arcron MSF receiver
114 AS2201                 Austron 2200A or 2201A GPS receiver
115 ATOM                   ATOM PPS interface
116 AUDIO-CHU              CHU audio decoder
117 BANCOMM                Datum/Bancomm BC635/VME interface (requires an explicit --enable-BANCOMM request)
118 CHRONOLOG              Chrono-log K-series WWVB receiver
119 CHU                    CHU modem decoder
120 DATUM                  Datum Programmable Time System
121 DUMBCLOCK              Dumb generic hh:mm:ss local clock
122 FG                     Forum Graphic GPS
123 GPSVME                 TrueTime GPS receiver with VME interface (requires an explicit --enable-GPSVME request)
124 HEATH                  HeathKit GC-1000 Most Accurate Clock
125 HOPFPCI                HOPF 6039 PCI board
126 HOPFSERIAL             HOPF serial clock device
127 HPGPS                  HP 58503A GPS Time &amp; Frequency receiver
128 IRIG                   IRIG (Audio) Clock
129 JUPITER                Rockwell Jupiter GPS receiver
130 LEITCH                 Leitch CSD 5300 Master Clock System Driver
131 LOCAL-CLOCK            Local clock driver
132 MSFEES                 EES M201 MSF receiver
133 MX4200                 Magnavox MX4200 GPS receiver
134 NMEA                   NMEA GPS receiver
135 ONCORE                 Motorola VP/UT Oncore GPS receiver
136 PALISADE               Palisade clock
137 PCF                    Conrad parallel port radio clock
138 PST                    PST/Traconex 1020 WWV/H receiver
139 PTBACTS                PTB dialup clock support
140 SHM                    Clock attached through shared memory (requires an explicit --enable-SHM request)
141 SPECTRACOM             Spectracom 8170/Netclock/2 WWVB receiver
142 TRAK                   TRAK 8810 GPS station clock
143 TPRO                   KSI/Odetics TPRO/S IRIG Interface
144 TRUETIME               Kinemetrics/TrueTime (generic) receiver
145 ULINK                  Ultralink WWVB receiver
146 USNO                   US Naval Observatory dialup clock
147 WWV                    WWV audio receiver
149        <h4 id="parse">PARSE Clocks</h4>
150        <pre>
151 parse-clocks           Include drivers for all suitable PARSE clocks [enable]
152 COMPUTIME              Diem Computime Radio Clock
153 DCF7000                ELV/DCF7000 Clock
154 HOPF6021               HOPF 6021 Radio Clock support
155 MEINBERG               Meinberg clocks
156 RAWDCF                 DCF77 raw time code
157 RCC8000                RCC 8000 Radio Clock support
158 SCHMID                 SCHMID DCF77 clock support
159 TRIMTAIP               Trimble GPS/TAIP Protocol
160 TRIMTSIP               Trimble GPS/TSIP Protocol
161 VARITEXT               VARITEXT clock
162 WHARTON                Wharton 400A Series clock
164        <hr>
165        <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="scripts/footer.txt"></script>
166    </body>