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 1This is a short overview for the reference clocks currently supported
 2by xntp V3. (Ultimate wisdom can be obtained from xntpd/refclock_*.c
 3this file was derived from that information - unfortunately some comments
 4in the files tend to get stale - so use with caution)
 6Refclock address	Type
 7127.127.0.x		no clock (fails to configure)
 8127.127.1.x		local clock - use local clock as reference
 9127.127.2.x		no clock (fails to configure)
10127.127.3.x		PSTI 1010/1020 WWV Clock
11127.127.4.x		SPECTRACOM WWVB receiver 8170 and Netclock/2
12127.127.5.x		Kinimetric Truetime 468-DC GOES receiver
13127.127.6.x		IRIG audio decode (Sun & modified BSD audio driver)
14127.127.7.x		CHU Timecode (via normal receiver & Bell 103 modem)
15127.127.8.x		PARSE (generic driver for a bunch of DCF/GPS clocks
16			       can be extended for other clocks too)
17	8.0-3		Meinberg PZF535/TCXO
18	8.4-7		Meinberg PZF535/OCXO
19	8.8-11		Meinberg DCF U/A 31
20	8.12-15		ELV DCF7000
21	8.16-19		Walter Schmid DCF receiver (Kit)
22	8.20-23		Conrad DCF77 receiver module + level converter (Kit)
23	8.24-27		TimeBrick (limited availability ask
25	8.28-31		Meinberg GPS166
26	8.32-35		Trimble SV6 GPS receiver
27127.127.9.x		MX4200 GPS receiver
28127.127.10.x		Austron 2201A GPS Timing Receiver
29127.127.11.x		Kinemetrics Truetime OM-DC OMEGA Receiver
30127.127.12.x		KSI/Odetecs TPRO-S IRIG-B / TPRO-SAT GPS
31127.127.13.x		Leitch: CSD 5300 Master Clock System Driver
32127.127.14.x		MSFEES
33127/127.15.x		TrueTime GPS/TM-TMD
34127.127.16.x		Bancomm GPS/IRIG Ticktock
35127.127.17.x		Datum Programmable Time System