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Possible License(s): MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception, BSD-3-Clause, LGPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, BSD-2-Clause, 0BSD, JSON, AGPL-1.0, GPL-2.0
 1This directory contains some DCF77 related programs.
 2They have not yet fully been ported to architectures other than Sun with
 3SunOS 4.x.  So if you want to try them you are on your own - a little
 4porting may be necessary.
 6parsetest:	simple parse streams module test
 7		Works only under SunOS with parse Streams Module loaded
 8		and Meinberg-Clocks
10testdcf:	simple DCF77 raw impulse test program via 50Baud RS232
12dcfd:		simple DCF77 raw impulse receiver with NTP loopfilter
13		mechanics for synchronisation (allows DCF77 synchronisation
14		without network code in a nutshell)
16Frank Kardel