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 1README for pdfmark.tmac
 4Copyright (C) 2004, Free Software Foundation Inc.
 5Contributed by Keith Marshall (
 7This is free software.  See file COPYING, for copying permissions,
 8and warranty disclaimer.
10This is a preview release of a proposed pdfmark.tmac macro package,
11for use with GNU troff (groff).  It is not yet complete, and should
12be considered as an alpha release;  there are a few problems to be
13resolved (see file PROBLEMS).
15Partial documentation is provided, in groff-ms format.  To convert
16this to PDF format, you will require a working groff installation,
17a working ghostscript installation, with the gs command in your PATH,
18and a GNU-compatible make.  The tarball should be unpacked in the
19top directory of your groff source tree, then:
21  cd <groff-current>/contrib/pdfmark
22  make pdfmark
24where <groff-current> is the top directory of your current groff
25source tree.
27Included in this package, are:
29  pdfmark.tmac -- the core pdfmark macro set
30  spdf.tmac    -- a rudimentary set of bindings for ms macros
31   -- preliminary documentation
32     -- a template for the documentation cover sheet
33  gnu.eps      -- the groff logo, copied from the groff distribution
34  Makefile     -- makefile, for formatting the documentation
35  README       -- this file
36  PROBLEMS     -- a list of known problems
37  TODO         -- a list of planned features, not yet implemented
39To make the pdfmark macros generally usable, copy pdfmark.tmac to the
40'site-tmac' directory appropriate to your groff installation; (ms users
41may also wish to copy spdf.tmac).  The macros may then be accessed, by
42including the '-mpdfmark' option on the groff command line; (for ms
43users, '-mspdf' is equivalent to '-ms -mpdfmark', with some extra
44macros 'thrown in').
46Comments, and bug reports are welcomed.  Please post to the groff
47mailing list,; (you must be subscribed to this list to
48post mails).  To subscribe, visit