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Possible License(s): MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception, BSD-3-Clause, LGPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, BSD-2-Clause, 0BSD, JSON, AGPL-1.0, GPL-2.0
 1This is gxditview, an X11 previewer for groff based on MIT's xditview.
 2This version can be used with the output of gtroff -Tps as well as
 3with -TX75 and -TX100.  You will need X11R5 or newer to install it (it
 4might work on X11R4, but I haven't tested it.)
 6Previously, gxditview was installed in the usual place for X binaries
 7(e.g., /usr/bin/X11); you have to remove it manually.
 9xditview is copyrighted by MIT under the usual X terms (see; the changes to that which come along with the groff package
11are in the public domain.
13Please report bugs to