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Possible License(s): MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception, BSD-3-Clause, LGPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, BSD-2-Clause, 0BSD, JSON, AGPL-1.0, GPL-2.0
 1.\" Xps.tmac
 2.\" mso ps.tmac _C \n(.C
 5.cp 0
 7.\" Use this macro only to replace characters which do really exist in
 8.\" the devps font definition files. Xps-char
10.  char \\$1 \Z"\X'ps: invis'\\$2\X'ps: endinvis'"\\$1
13.Xps-char \[bu] \f[S]\[bu]
14.Xps-char \[f/] \f[S]\[f/]
15.Xps-char \[em] "\v'-.25m'\h'.05m'\D'l .9m 0'\h'.05m'"
16.Xps-char \[aq] '
17.Xps-char \[bq] ,
18.Xps-char \[Bq] ,,
19.Xps-char \[lq] ``
20.Xps-char \[rq] ''
21.Xps-char \[OE] OE
22.Xps-char \[oe] oe
23.Xps-char \[Fn] \f[S]\[Fn]
24.Xps-char \[vS] \o'\[ah]S'
25.Xps-char \[vs] \o'\[ah]s'
26.Xps-char \[vZ] \o'\[ah]Z'
27.Xps-char \[vz] \o'\[ah]z'
28.Xps-char \[/L] \o'/L'
29.Xps-char \[/l] \o'/l'
30.Xps-char \[:Y] \o'\[ad]Y'
31.Xps-char \[a"] \[sd]
32.Xps-char \[a.] \v'-.6m'.
33.Xps-char \[ga] "\Z'\v'-.7m'\D'l .22m .18m''"
34.Xps-char \[ab] \v'-.55m'\s[\En[.s]*6u/10u]u\s[0]
35.Xps-char \[ah] \v'-.55m'\s[\En[.s]/2u]v\s[0]
36.Xps-char \[ao] "\v'-.55m'\s[\En[.s]*6u/10u]\D'c .25m'\s[0]"
37.Xps-char \[ho] \s[\En[.s]/2u]\v'.4m'c\s[0]
38.Xps-char \[.i] i
39.Xps-char \[fo] <
40.Xps-char \[fc] >
41.Xps-char \[OK] \s[\En[.s]*6u/10u]\[rs]\s[0]/
42.Xps-char \[tm] \v'-.3m'\s[\En[.s]*6u/10u]TM\s[0]
43.Xps-char \[dd] "\Z'\h'.25m'\v'.15m'\D'l 0 -.8m'\v'.2m'\h'-.195m'\
44\D'l .39m 0'\v'.4m'\D'l -.39m 0''"
45.Xps-char \[dg] "\Z'\h'.25m'\v'.15m'\D'l 0 -.8m'\v'.2m'\h'-.195m'\
46\D'l .39m 0''"
47.Xps-char \[en] \-
48.Xps-char \[%0] %\s[\En[.s]*6u/10u]\f[I]0
49.Xps-char \[lh] \[lA]
50.Xps-char \[rh] \[rA]
52.cp \n[_C]
53. ie '\[char97]'a' \
55.  do mso latin1.tmac
56.el \
57.  do mso cp1047.tmac
59.\" make sure that no blank lines creep in at the end of this file.