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 1.\" final startup file for troff
 3.\" this file is parsed after all macro sets have been read
 4. if '\*[.T]'html' .do mso html-end.tmac
 7.\" if we are running the postscript device for html images then load www.tmac if r ps4html     .do mso www.tmac
10.\" for all other devices blank out these macros if !d HTML-IMAGE-INLINE .do ds HTML-IMAGE-INLINE if !d HTML-IMAGE        .do ds HTML-IMAGE if !d HTML-IMAGE-RIGHT  .do ds HTML-IMAGE-RIGHT if !d HTML-IMAGE-LEFT   .do ds HTML-IMAGE-LEFT if !d HTML-IMAGE-END    .do ds HTML-IMAGE-END if !d DEVTAG            .do ds DEVTAG if !d HTML-DO-IMAGE     .do ds HTML-DO-IMAGE
19.\" Don't let blank lines creep in here.