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  1This is groff, produced by makeinfo version 4.8 from ./groff.texinfo.
  3   This manual documents GNU `troff' version 1.19.2.
  5   Copyright (C) 1994-2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Free Software
  6Foundation, Inc.
  8     Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
  9     document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License,
 10     Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software
 11     Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with the Front-Cover texts
 12     being `A GNU Manual," and with the Back-Cover Texts as in (a)
 13     below.  A copy of the license is included in the section entitled
 14     `GNU Free Documentation License."
 16     (a) The FSF's Back-Cover Text is: `You have freedom to copy and
 17     modify this GNU Manual, like GNU software.  Copies published by
 18     the Free Software Foundation raise funds for GNU development."
 20INFO-DIR-SECTION Typesetting
 22* Groff: (groff).               The GNU troff document formatting system.
 27groff-1: 1019
 28groff-2: 295973
 29groff-3: 504320
 31Tag Table:
 33Node: Top1019
 34Node: Introduction2325
 35Node: What Is groff?2800
 36Node: What Is groff?-Footnotes4312
 37Ref: What Is groff?-Footnote-14381
 38Node: History4418
 39Node: groff Capabilities9373
 40Node: Macro Package Intro10564
 41Node: Preprocessor Intro11192
 42Node: Output device intro12694
 43Node: Credits13164
 44Node: Invoking groff13673
 45Node: Groff Options14966
 46Node: Environment25163
 47Node: Macro Directories26995
 48Node: Font Directories28326
 49Node: Paper Size29972
 50Node: Invocation Examples31322
 51Node: Invocation Examples-Footnotes32519
 52Ref: Invocation Examples-Footnote-132598
 53Node: grog32831
 54Node: Tutorial for Macro Users34109
 55Node: Basics34530
 56Node: Basics-Footnotes39350
 57Ref: Basics-Footnote-139403
 58Ref: Basics-Footnote-239497
 59Node: Common Features39611
 60Node: Paragraphs40401
 61Node: Sections and Chapters41908
 62Node: Headers and Footers42409
 63Node: Page Layout Adjustment43291
 64Node: Displays43567
 65Node: Footnotes and Annotations44834
 66Node: Table of Contents45502
 67Node: Indices46026
 68Node: Paper Formats46437
 69Node: Multiple Columns46819
 70Node: Font and Size Changes47078
 71Node: Predefined Strings47391
 72Node: Preprocessor Support47738
 73Node: Configuration and Customization48303
 74Node: Macro Packages48681
 75Node: man49238
 76Node: Man options49675
 77Node: Man options-Footnotes52369
 78Ref: Man options-Footnote-152432
 79Node: Man usage53158
 80Node: Man font macros59203
 81Node: Miscellaneous man macros61035
 82Node: Predefined man strings62766
 83Node: Preprocessors in man pages63333
 84Node: Optional man extensions63956
 85Node: mdoc67956
 86Node: ms68130
 87Node: ms Intro68634
 88Node: General ms Structure69312
 89Node: General ms Structure-Footnotes71762
 90Ref: General ms Structure-Footnote-171843
 91Node: ms Document Control Registers71889
 92Node: ms Cover Page Macros78370
 93Node: ms Body Text81390
 94Node: Paragraphs in ms81879
 95Node: Headings in ms83593
 96Node: Highlighting in ms85686
 97Node: Lists in ms88277
 98Node: Indentation values in ms91700
 99Node: Tabstops in ms92329
100Node: ms Displays and Keeps92751
101Node: ms Insertions96705
102Node: Example multi-page table98277
103Node: ms Footnotes98733
104Node: ms Page Layout99998
105Node: ms Headers and Footers100524
106Node: ms Margins101575
107Node: ms Multiple Columns101829
108Node: ms TOC102646
109Node: ms Strings and Special Characters105378
110Node: ms Strings and Special Characters-Footnotes108185
111Ref: ms Strings and Special Characters-Footnote-1108292
112Node: Differences from AT&T ms108379
113Node: Missing ms Macros110611
114Node: Additional ms Macros111381
115Node: Naming Conventions112649
116Node: me113680
117Node: mm113843
118Node: gtroff Reference113995
119Node: Text114914
120Node: Filling and Adjusting115478
121Node: Hyphenation116200
122Node: Sentences116992
123Node: Tab Stops118142
124Node: Implicit Line Breaks119045
125Node: Input Conventions120067
126Node: Input Encodings120868
127Node: Measurements122838
128Node: Measurements-Footnotes125037
129Ref: Measurements-Footnote-1125102
130Node: Default Units125174
131Node: Expressions126229
132Node: Identifiers128959
133Node: Embedded Commands132821
134Node: Requests133573
135Node: Request and Macro Arguments135159
136Node: Request and Macro Arguments-Footnotes137649
137Ref: Request and Macro Arguments-Footnote-1137744
138Ref: Request and Macro Arguments-Footnote-2137872
139Node: Macros138226
140Node: Escapes138612
141Node: Comments141491
142Node: Comments-Footnotes144067
143Ref: Comments-Footnote-1144124
144Node: Registers144223
145Node: Setting Registers144731
146Node: Interpolating Registers147031
147Node: Auto-increment147848
148Node: Assigning Formats149398
149Node: Built-in Registers152319
150Node: Manipulating Filling and Adjusting155845
151Node: Manipulating Hyphenation164378
152Node: Manipulating Hyphenation-Footnotes175860
153Ref: Manipulating Hyphenation-Footnote-1175949
154Node: Manipulating Spacing176024
155Node: Tabs and Fields180017
156Node: Tabs and Fields-Footnotes186016
157Ref: Tabs and Fields-Footnote-1186087
158Node: Leaders186165
159Node: Leaders-Footnotes187769
160Ref: Leaders-Footnote-1187824
161Node: Fields187905
162Node: Character Translations189333
163Node: Troff and Nroff Mode198558
164Node: Line Layout200553
165Node: Line Control206489
166Node: Page Layout209161
167Node: Page Control212829
168Node: Fonts and Symbols216572
169Node: Changing Fonts217152
170Node: Font Families219286
171Node: Font Positions223857
172Node: Using Symbols227002
173Node: Using Symbols-Footnotes241711
174Ref: Using Symbols-Footnote-1241778
175Ref: Using Symbols-Footnote-2242231
176Ref: Using Symbols-Footnote-3242302
177Ref: Using Symbols-Footnote-4242541
178Node: Special Fonts242604
179Node: Artificial Fonts243789
180Node: Ligatures and Kerning249299
181Node: Sizes255325
182Node: Sizes-Footnotes256161
183Ref: Sizes-Footnote-1256212
184Node: Changing Type Sizes256624
185Node: Fractional Type Sizes262096
186Node: Strings265127
187Node: Conditionals and Loops273132
188Node: Operators in Conditionals273359
189Node: Operators in Conditionals-Footnotes276430
190Ref: Operators in Conditionals-Footnote-1276521
191Ref: Operators in Conditionals-Footnote-2276600
192Node: if-else276699
193Node: while278272
194Node: Writing Macros280659
195Node: Copy-in Mode285498
196Node: Parameters286392
197Node: Page Motions288653
198Node: Drawing Requests295973
199Node: Traps305698
200Node: Page Location Traps306310
201Node: Diversion Traps312136
202Node: Input Line Traps312751
203Node: Blank Line Traps313780
204Node: End-of-input Traps314067
205Node: Diversions314740
206Node: Environments321718
207Node: Suppressing output325588
208Node: Colors327413
209Node: I/O330986
210Node: Postprocessor Access339093
211Node: Miscellaneous340659
212Node: Miscellaneous-Footnotes346141
213Ref: Miscellaneous-Footnote-1346208
214Node: Gtroff Internals346278
215Node: Gtroff Internals-Footnotes350590
216Ref: Gtroff Internals-Footnote-1350663
217Node: Debugging350797
218Node: Warnings356625
219Node: Warnings-Footnotes359562
220Ref: Warnings-Footnote-1359619
221Node: Implementation Differences359740
222Node: Implementation Differences-Footnotes364371
223Ref: Implementation Differences-Footnote-1364464
224Node: Preprocessors364599
225Node: geqn364901
226Node: Invoking geqn365035
227Node: gtbl365141
228Node: Invoking gtbl365266
229Node: gpic365372
230Node: Invoking gpic365497
231Node: ggrn365603
232Node: Invoking ggrn365728
233Node: grap365834
234Node: grefer366110
235Node: Invoking grefer366246
236Node: gsoelim366362
237Node: Invoking gsoelim366488
238Node: Output Devices366609
239Node: Special Characters366848
240Node: grotty367017
241Node: Invoking grotty367166
242Node: grops367282
243Node: Invoking grops367441
244Node: Embedding PostScript367581
245Node: grodvi367715
246Node: Invoking grodvi367852
247Node: grolj4367968
248Node: Invoking grolj4368106
249Node: grolbp368222
250Node: Invoking grolbp368361
251Node: grohtml368477
252Node: Invoking grohtml368665
253Node: grohtml specific registers and strings368833
254Node: gxditview369710
255Node: Invoking gxditview369846
256Node: File formats369977
257Node: gtroff Output370248
258Node: gtroff Output-Footnotes372088
259Ref: gtroff Output-Footnote-1372155
260Node: Language Concepts372290
261Node: Separation373036
262Node: Argument Units375287
263Node: Document Parts376440
264Node: Command Reference377842
265Node: Comment Command378253
266Node: Simple Commands378746
267Node: Simple Commands-Footnotes384666
268Ref: Simple Commands-Footnote-1384737
269Node: Graphics Commands384798
270Node: Device Control Commands392117
271Node: Obsolete Command396165
272Node: Intermediate Output Examples397446
273Node: Output Language Compatibility400238
274Node: Font Files402294
275Node: Font Files-Footnotes402908
276Ref: Font Files-Footnote-1402969
277Node: DESC File Format403030
278Node: Font File Format407429
279Node: Font File Format-Footnotes413661
280Ref: Font File Format-Footnote-1413734
281Ref: Font File Format-Footnote-2413825
282Node: Installation414044
283Node: Copying This Manual414170
284Node: GNU Free Documentation License414408
285Node: Request Index436816
286Node: Escape Index452702
287Node: Operator Index459046
288Node: Register Index460527
289Node: Macro Index474109
290Node: String Index486712
291Node: Glyph Name Index495323
292Node: Font File Keyword Index495628
293Node: Program and File Index498671
294Node: Concept Index504320
296End Tag Table
299Local Variables:
300coding: iso-8859-1