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 5This directory contains the virgin CVS source on the vendor branch.  Do
 6not under any circumstances commit new versions onto the mainline, new
 7versions or official-patch versions must be imported.
 9To prepare a new cvs dist for import, extract it into a fresh directory;
10then delete the files and directories listed in FREEBSD-Xlist.
12CVS is imported from its top level directory something like this:
13  cvs -n import src/contrib/cvs CVSHOME v<version>
15The -n option is "don't do anything" so you can see what is about to happen
16first.  Remove it when it looks ok.
18The initial import was done with:
19  cvs import src/contrib/cvs CVSHOME v1_11_22
21When new versions are imported, cvs will give instructions on how to merge
22the local and vendor changes when/if conflicts arise.
24The developers can be reached at:  <>.  Local changes
25that are suitable for public consumption should be submitted for inclusion
26in future releases.
27 - 20 Aug 1996 - 12 Jan 2008
31Current local changes:
32  - CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM environment variable support for choosing the
33    magic branch number.  (for CVSup local-commit support)
34  - CVSREADONLYFS environment variable and global option -R to enable
35    no-locking readonly mode (eg: cvs repo is a cdrom or mirror)
36  - the verify message script can edit the submitted log message.
37  - CVSROOT/options file
38  - Variable keyword expansion controls including custom keywords.
39  - $ CVSHeader$ keyword - like Header, but with $CVSROOT stripped off.
40  - 'CVS_OPTIONS' environmental variable support.
41  - Allow -D with -r on checkout.
42  - Support for "diff -j", allowing tag:date based diffs.
43  - iso8601 option keyword.
44  - Comprehensive "-T" CVS/Template support.
45  - We use the cvs.1 manpage from man/, not the offical one in doc/