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Possible License(s): MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception, BSD-3-Clause, LGPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, BSD-2-Clause, 0BSD, JSON, AGPL-1.0, GPL-2.0
 1Authors of GNU CVS
 3The conflict-resolution algorithms and much of the administrative file
 4definitions of CVS were based on the original package written by Dick Grune
 5at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam <>, and posted to
 6comp.sources.unix in the volume 6 release sometime in 1986.  This original
 7version was a collection of shell scripts.  I am thankful that Dick made
 8his work available.
10Brian Berliner from Prisma, Inc. (now at Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
11<> converted the original CVS shell scripts into reasonably
12fast C and added many, many features to support software release control
13functions.  See the manual page in the "man" directory.  A copy of the
14USENIX article presented at the Winter 1990 USENIX Conference, Washington
15D.C., is included in the "doc" directory.
17Jeff Polk from BSDI <> converted the CVS 1.2
18sources into much more readable and maintainable C code.  He also added a
19whole lot of functionality and modularity to the code in the process.
20See the bottom of the NEWS file (from about 1992).
22david d `zoo' zuhn <> contributed the working base code
23for CVS 1.4 Alpha.  His work carries on from work done by K. Richard Pixley
24and others at Cygnus Support.  The CVS 1.4 upgrade is due in large part to
25Zoo's efforts.
27David G. Grubbs <> contributed the CVS "history" and "release"
28commands.  As well as the ever-so-useful "-n" option of CVS which tells CVS
29to show what it would do, without actually doing it.  He also contributed
30support for the .cvsignore file.
32The Free Software Foundation (GNU) contributed most of the portability
33framework that CVS now uses.  This can be found in the "configure" script,
34the Makefile's, and basically most of the "lib" directory.
36K. Richard Pixley, Cygnus Support <> contributed many bug
37fixes/enhancement as well as completing early reviews of the CVS 1.3 manual
40Roland Pesch, then of Cygnus Support <> contributed
41brand new cvs(1) and cvs(5) manual pages.  Thanks to him for saving us
42from poor use of our language!
44Paul Sander, HaL Computer Systems, Inc. <> wrote and
45contributed the code in lib/sighandle.c.  I added support for POSIX, BSD,
46and non-POSIX/non-BSD systems.
48Jim Kingdon and others at Cygnus Support <> wrote the
49remote repository access code.
51Larry Jones and Derek Price <> have been maintaining and
52enhancing CVS for some years.  Mark D. Baushke <> came on in
55Conrad Pino <> began maintaining the Windows port in 2004.
57There have been many, many contributions not listed here.  Consult the
58individual ChangeLog files in each directory for a more complete idea.
60In addition to the above contributors, the following Beta testers
61deserve special mention for their support.  This is only a partial
62list; if you have helped in this way and would like to be listed, let
63bug-cvs know (as described in the Cederqvist manual).
65	Mark D. Baushke <>
66	Per Cederqvist <>
67	J.T. Conklin <>
68	Vince DeMarco <>
69	Paul Eggert <>
70	Lal George <>
71	Dean E. Hardi <>
72	Mike Heath <>
73	Jim Kingdon <>
74	Bernd Leibing <>
75	Benedict Lofstedt <>
76	Dave Love <>
77	Robert Lupton the Good <>
78	Tom McAliney <>
79	Eberhard Mattes <>
80	Jim Meyering <>
81	Thomas Mohr <>
82	Thomas Nilsson <>
83	Raye Raskin <>
84	Harlan Stenn <>
85	Gunnar Tornblom <>
86	Greg A. Woods <>
88Many contributors have added code to the "contrib" directory.  See the
89README file there for a list of what is available.  There is also a
90contributed GNU Emacs CVS-mode in tools/pcl-cvs.