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  1This "contrib" directory is a place holder for code/scripts sent to me
  2by contributors around the world.  This README file will be kept
  3up-to-date from release to release.  BUT, we must point out that these
  4contributions are really, REALLY UNSUPPORTED.  In fact, we probably
  5don't even know what some of them really do.  We certainly do not
  6guarantee to have tried them, or ported them to work with this CVS
  7distribution.  If you have questions, your best bet is to contact the
  8original author, but you should not necessarily expect a reply, since
  9the author may not be available at the address given.
 11USE AT YOUR OWN RISK -- and all that stuff.
 13"Unsupported" also means that no one has volunteered to accept and check
 14in changes to this directory.  So submissions for new scripts to add
 15here are unlikely to be accepted.  Suggested changes to the existing
 16scripts here conceivably might, but that isn't clear either, unless of
 17course they come from the original author of the script.
 19If you have some software that works with CVS that you wish to offer it
 20is suggested that you make it available by FTP or HTTP and then announce
 21it on the info-cvs mailing list.
 23There is a web page of software related to CVS at the following URL which
 24would presumably be willing to list your software.
 28An attempt at a table of Contents for this directory:
 30	README		This file.
 32	check_cvs	A perl script to check an entire repository for
 33			corruption.
 34			Contributed by Donald Sharp <>.
 36 	clmerge		A perl script to handle merge conflicts in GNU
 37			style ChangeLog files .
 38			Contributed by Tom Tromey <>.
 40	cln_hist	A perl script to compress your
 41			$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/history file, as it can grow quite
 42			large after extended use.
 43			Contributed by David G. Grubbs <>
 45	commit_prep	A perl script, to be combined with, to
 46	log_accum	provide for a way to combine the individual log
 47			messages of a multi-directory "commit" into a
 48			single log message, and mail the result somewhere.
 49			Can also do other checks for $Id and that you are
 50			committing the correct revision of the file.
 51			Read the comments carefully.
 52			Contributed by David Hampton <>.
 54	cvs2vendor	A shell script to move changes from a repository
 55			that was started without a vendor branch to one
 56			that has a vendor branch.
 57			Contributed by Greg A. Woods <>.
 59	cvs_acls	A perl script that implements Access Control Lists
 60			by using the "commitinfo" hook provided with the
 61			"cvs commit" command.
 62			Contributed by David G. Grubbs <>.
 64	cvscheck	Identifies files added, changed, or removed in a
 65	checked out CVS tree; also notices unknown files.
 66			Contributed by Lowell Skoog <fluke!>
 68	An introductory manual page written by Lowell Skoog
 69			<fluke!>.  It is most likely
 70			out-of-date relative to CVS 1.3, but still may be
 71			useful.
 73	debug_check_log	A shell script to help analyze sanity check failures.
 74			Contributed by Derek R. Price <>.
 76	descend		A shell script that can be used to recursively
 77	descend through a directory.  In CVS 1.2, this was
 78			very useful, since many of the commands were not
 79			recursive.  In CVS 1.3 (and later), however, most of
 80			the commands are recursive.  However, this may still
 81			come in handy.
 82			Contributed by Lowell Skoog <fluke!>
 84	dirfns		A shar file which contains some code that might
 85			help your system support opendir/readdir/closedir,
 86			if it does not already.
 87			Copied from the C-News distribution.
 89	intro.doc	A user's view of what you need to know to get
 90			started with CVS.
 91			Contributed by <>.
 93	log		A perl script suitable for including in your
 94			$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/loginfo file for logging commit
 95			changes.  Includes the RCS revision of the change
 96			as part of the log.
 97			Contributed by Kevin Samborn <>.
 99	log_accum	See commit_prep.
101	mfpipe		Another perl script for logging.  Allows you to
102			pipe the log message to a file and/or send mail
103			to some alias.
104			Contributed by John Clyne <>.
106	pvcs2rcs	A perl script to convert a PVCS tree to an RCS tree.
108	rcs-to-cvs	Script to import sources that may have been under
109			RCS control already.
110			Contributed by Per Cederqvist <>.
112	rcs2log		A shell script to create a ChangeLog-format file
113			given only a set of RCS files.
114			Contributed by Paul Eggert <>.
116	rcs2sccs	A shell script to convert simple RCS files into
117			SCCS files, originally gleaned off the network
118			somewhere (originally by "kenc") and modified by
119			Jerry Jelinek <jerry@rmtc.Central.Sun.COM> and
120			Brian Berliner <> to increase
121			robustness and add support for one-level of branches.
123	rcslock		A perl script that can be added to your commitinfo
124			file that tries to determine if your RCS file is
125			currently locked by someone else, as might be the
126			case for a binary file.
127			Contributed by John Rouillard <>.
129	sccs2rcs	A C-shell script that can convert (some) SCCS files
130			into RCS files, retaining the info contained in the
131			SCCS file (like dates, author, and log message).
132			Contributed by Ken Cox <>.