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 1#	@(#)README	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/8/93
 3<< 12 May 1983 >>
 4To install this directory on your system:
 6First determine a list of "common terminals" for your system.  This list
 7will probably be small, and can be empty if you like, but you should
 8probably put your own terminal in it.
10Second, edit the editor script "reorder" to use this list instead of the
11list built in to it.  The changes will be evident from looking at the
12script.  Notice that the script contains the terminals in order from least
13common to most common, since the move commands will move them to the front
14in that order, the effect will be to put the most common at the front of
15termcap since that's moved last.  The s.* terminals are specials, and
16although they don't have to go to the front, they are probably quite
17common and really should go near the front.
19Third, if you are not a super user and cannot create the directory
20/usr/lib/tabset, make a corresponding directory somewhere you can and add
21a line to reorder to globally change all /usr/lib/tabset's to your own
22path name.  This change is better than just changing the termcap.src file
23because it makes it easier to diff it from newer distributed versions.
24Try to keep the source as is whenever possible, and put mungings into
27Now you can run "make install" which will create an /etc/termcap. Again,
28if you aren't a super user change the cp command to put it where you can.
29In this case you will have to redefine E_TERMCAP in "local/uparm.h", which
30will probably be in subdirectories with the other UCB software.
33Finally, if you make additions or fixes to termcap, please mail a note
34explaining what you did with the fixed termcap entry (not the whole file,
35please!) to me at one of the addresses below, so it can be incorporated
36back into the original source.  I will normally include anything unless
37there is a good reason not to, but I reserve the right to redo it differently.
39	uunet!ucbvax!termcap			(uucp)
40			(Internet)
42<< 14 October 1987 >>
43It is probably easiest to make local termcap changes in separate
44files, eg /usr/local/etc/termcap, and encourage people to put
46	setenv TERMPATH ~/.termcap:/usr/local/etc/termcap:/etc/termcap 
48in their shell startup files.  This way local system-wide changes can be
49isolated in /usr/local/etc/termcap and user changes in ~/.termcap, all
50without consuming lots of disk or requiring re-integration of local
51changes when system termcap files change.
53	John Kunze