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 3The /usr/share/examples/etc directory contains the original
 4distribution versions of the files which are shipped in /etc.  This is
 5intended to make it easy to recover when the /etc versions are
 6accidentally deleted or broken beyond repair.
 8This directory contains the following files:
 9		- filesystem automounter lookup resolution map (see amd(8))
11apmd.conf	- configuration file for apmd(8)
12bsd-style-copyright	- copyright style for bsd system
13crontab		- system scheduled command table (see crontab(5))
14csh.cshrc	- sample .cshrc (see csh(1))
15csh.login	- sample .login
16csh.logout	- sample .logout
17defaults/	- directory containing default configuration file
18devd.conf	- configuration file for devd(8)
19devfs.conf	- configuration file for devfs(8)
20dhclient.conf	- configuration file for dhclient(8)
21disktab		- disk description file (see disktab(5))
22fbtab		- configuration file for login(1)
23ftpusers	- user restriction file for ftpd(8)
24gettytab	- defines port configuration for getty(8)
25group		- group permissions file (see group(5))
26hosts		- see hosts(5)
27hosts.allow	- defines allow trusted hosts
28hosts.equiv	- defines system-wide trusted hosts (see ruserok(3))
29hosts.lpd	- defines trusted hosts for lpd(8)
30inetd.conf	- configuration file for inetd(8)
31locate.rc	- configuration file for locate(1)
32login.access	- configuration file for login(8) (see login.access(5))
33login.conf	- login class capabilities database (see login.conf(5))
34mac.conf	- TrustedBSD MAC userland policy configuration file
35mail.rc		- systemwide initialization files for mail(1)
36make.conf	- example configuration variables for system builds
37motd		- sample Message of the Day
38netconfig	- network configuration data base
39netstart	- network startup script run from /etc/rc
40network.subr	- routines for network configuration scripts
41networks	- see networks(5)
42newsyslog.conf	- configuration for system log file rotator newsyslog(8)
43nsmb.conf	- smbfs lookups configuration file
44opieaccess	- OPIE database of trusted networks
45pf.conf		- pf(4) example configuration file
46pf.os		- SYN fingerprint database
47phones		- phone number database for tip(1)
48portsnap.conf	- portsnap(8) configuration file
49printcap	- configuration file for lpr(1)
50profile		- system-wide .profile for sh(1)
51protocols	- see protocols(5)
52rc		- system startup script (see init(8))
53rc.bsdextended	- startup policy for the mac_bsdextended(4) security module. 
54rc.firewall	- ipfw(8) setup script with basic rulesets
55rc.initdiskless	- configuration file to boot a diskless machine
56rc.resume	- sample run command file for APM Resume Event
57rc.sendmail	- script for sendmail(8) startup
58rc.shutdown	- system shutdown script (see init(8))
59rc.subr		- script with functions used by various rc scripts
60rc.suspend	- sample run command file for APM Resume Event
61remote		- configuration file for tip(1)
62rpc		- see rpc(5)
63security	- script run from crontab to do nightly security checks
64services	- see services(5)
65shells		- list of configurable shells (see shells(5))
66snmpd.config	- example configuration file for bsnmpd(1)
67sysctl.conf	- configuration file for sysctl(8)
68syslog.conf	- configuration file for syslogd(8)
69ttys		- defines port configuration for init(8)
70defaults/bluetooth.device.conf	- 
71defaults/devfs.rules		- default configuration rules for devfs(8)
72defaults/periodic.conf		- default configuration file for periodic(8)
73defaults/rc.conf		- default system configuration info (see rc.conf(5))