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Possible License(s): GPL-2.0, LGPL-2.0, AGPL-1.0
 1config ISDN_DRV_ICN
 2	tristate "ICN 2B and 4B support"
 3	depends on ISA
 4	help
 5	  This enables support for two kinds of ISDN-cards made by a German
 6	  company called ICN.  2B is the standard version for a single ISDN
 7	  line with two B-channels, 4B supports two ISDN lines.  For running
 8	  this card, additional firmware is necessary, which has to be
 9	  downloaded into the card using a utility which is distributed
10	  separately.  See <file:Documentation/isdn/README> and
11	  <file:Documentation/isdn/README.icn> for more
12	  information.