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#! | 661 lines | 660 code | 1 blank | 0 comment | 0 complexity | 48b7f0e319eee4f2cea8fcdf775aac42 MD5 | raw file
  3	sed '/^$/q' scsicodes
  4	hget |
  5		grep '^[0-9]' |tr -d '
  6' |tr A-Z a-z |
  7		sed 's/(..)\/(..)  ..............  (.*)/\1\2 \3/'
  8} > nscsicodes && mv nscsicodes scsicodes
 110000 no additional sense information
 120001 filemark detected
 130002 end-of-partition/medium detected
 140003 setmark detected
 150004 beginning-of-partition/medium detected
 160005 end-of-data detected
 170006 i/o process terminated
 180007 programmable early warning detected
 190011 audio play operation in progress
 200012 audio play operation paused
 210013 audio play operation successfully completed
 220014 audio play operation stopped due to error
 230015 no current audio status to return
 240016 operation in progress
 250017 cleaning requested
 260018 erase operation in progress
 270019 locate operation in progress
 28001a rewind operation in progress
 29001b set capacity operation in progress
 30001c verify operation in progress
 31001d ata pass through information available
 32001e conflicting sa creation request
 330100 no index/sector signal
 340200 no seek complete
 350300 peripheral device write fault
 360301 no write current
 370302 excessive write errors
 380400 logical unit not ready, cause not reportable
 390401 logical unit is in process of becoming ready
 400402 logical unit not ready, initializing command required
 410403 logical unit not ready, manual intervention required
 420404 logical unit not ready, format in progress
 430405 logical unit not ready, rebuild in progress
 440406 logical unit not ready, recalculation in progress
 450407 logical unit not ready, operation in progress
 460408 logical unit not ready, long write in progress
 470409 logical unit not ready, self-test in progress
 48040a logical unit not accessible, asymmetric access state transition
 49040b logical unit not accessible, target port in standby state
 50040c logical unit not accessible, target port in unavailable state
 51040d logical unit not ready, structure check required
 520410 logical unit not ready, auxiliary memory not accessible
 530411 logical unit not ready, notify (enable spinup) required
 540412 logical unit not ready, offline
 550413 logical unit not ready, sa creation in progress
 560414 logical unit not ready, space allocation in progress
 570415 logical unit not ready, robotics disabled
 580416 logical unit not ready, configuration required
 590417 logical unit not ready, calibration required
 600418 logical unit not ready, a door is open
 610419 logical unit not ready, operating in sequential mode
 620500 logical unit does not respond to selection
 630600 no reference position found
 640700 multiple peripheral devices selected
 650800 logical unit communication failure
 660801 logical unit communication time-out
 670802 logical unit communication parity error
 680803 logical unit communication crc error (ultra-dma/32)
 690804 unreachable copy target
 700900 track following error
 710901 tracking servo failure
 720902 focus servo failure
 730903 spindle servo failure
 740904 head select fault
 750a00 error log overflow
 760b00 warning
 770b01 warning - specified temperature exceeded
 780b02 warning - enclosure degraded
 790b03 warning - background self-test failed
 800b04 warning - background pre-scan detected medium error
 810b05 warning - background medium scan detected medium error
 820b06 warning - non-volatile cache now volatile
 830b07 warning - degraded power to non-volatile cache
 840b08 warning - power loss expected
 850c00 write error
 860c01 write error - recovered with auto reallocation
 870c02 write error - auto reallocation failed
 880c03 write error - recommend reassignment
 890c04 compression check miscompare error
 900c05 data expansion occurred during compression
 910c06 block not compressible
 920c07 write error - recovery needed
 930c08 write error - recovery failed
 940c09 write error - loss of streaming
 950c0a write error - padding blocks added
 960c0b auxiliary memory write error
 970c0c write error - unexpected unsolicited data
 980c0d write error - not enough unsolicited data
 990c0f defects in error window
1000d00 error detected by third party temporary initiator
1010d01 third party device failure
1020d02 copy target device not reachable
1030d03 incorrect copy target device type
1040d04 copy target device data underrun
1050d05 copy target device data overrun
1060e00 invalid information unit
1070e01 information unit too short
1080e02 information unit too long
1090e03 invalid field in command information unit
1111000 id crc or ecc error
1121001 logical block guard check failed
1131002 logical block application tag check failed
1141003 logical block reference tag check failed
1151100 unrecovered read error
1161101 read retries exhausted
1171102 error too long to correct
1181103 multiple read errors
1191104 unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed
1201105 l-ec uncorrectable error
1211106 circ unrecovered error
1221107 data re-synchronization error
1231108 incomplete block read
1241109 no gap found
125110a miscorrected error
126110b unrecovered read error - recommend reassignment
127110c unrecovered read error - recommend rewrite the data
128110d de-compression crc error
129110e cannot decompress using declared algorithm
130110f error reading upc/ean number
1311110 error reading isrc number
1321111 read error - loss of streaming
1331112 auxiliary memory read error
1341113 read error - failed retransmission request
1351114 read error - lba marked bad by application client
1361200 address mark not found for id field
1371300 address mark not found for data field
1381400 recorded entity not found
1391401 record not found
1401402 filemark or setmark not found
1411403 end-of-data not found
1421404 block sequence error
1431405 record not found - recommend reassignment
1441406 record not found - data auto-reallocated
1451407 locate operation failure
1461500 random positioning error
1471501 mechanical positioning error
1481502 positioning error detected by read of medium
1491600 data synchronization mark error
1501601 data sync error - data rewritten
1511602 data sync error - recommend rewrite
1521603 data sync error - data auto-reallocated
1531604 data sync error - recommend reassignment
1541700 recovered data with no error correction applied
1551701 recovered data with retries
1561702 recovered data with positive head offset
1571703 recovered data with negative head offset
1581704 recovered data with retries and/or circ applied
1591705 recovered data using previous sector id
1601706 recovered data without ecc - data auto-reallocated
1611707 recovered data without ecc - recommend reassignment
1621708 recovered data without ecc - recommend rewrite
1631709 recovered data without ecc - data rewritten
1641800 recovered data with error correction applied
1651801 recovered data with error corr. & retries applied
1661802 recovered data - data auto-reallocated
1671803 recovered data with circ
1681804 recovered data with l-ec
1691805 recovered data - recommend reassignment
1701806 recovered data - recommend rewrite
1711807 recovered data with ecc - data rewritten
1721808 recovered data with linking
1731900 defect list error
1741901 defect list not available
1751902 defect list error in primary list
1761903 defect list error in grown list
1771a00 parameter list length error
1781b00 synchronous data transfer error
1791c00 defect list not found
1801c01 primary defect list not found
1811c02 grown defect list not found
1821d00 miscompare during verify operation
1831d01 miscompare verify of unmapped lba
1841e00 recovered id with ecc correction
1851f00 partial defect list transfer
1862000 invalid command operation code
1872001 access denied - initiator pending-enrolled
1882002 access denied - no access rights
1892003 access denied - invalid mgmt id key
1902004 illegal command while in write capable state
1912005 obsolete
1922006 illegal command while in explicit address mode
1932007 illegal command while in implicit address mode
1942008 access denied - enrollment conflict
1952009 access denied - invalid lu identifier
196200a access denied - invalid proxy token
197200b access denied - acl lun conflict
1982100 logical block address out of range
1992101 invalid element address
2002102 invalid address for write
2012103 invalid write crossing layer jump
2022200 illegal function (use 20 00, 24 00, or 26 00)
2042400 invalid field in cdb
2052401 cdb decryption error
2062402 obsolete
2072403 obsolete
2082404 security audit value frozen
2092405 security working key frozen
2102406 nonce not unique
2112407 nonce timestamp out of range
2122408 invalid xcdb
2132500 logical unit not supported
2142600 invalid field in parameter list
2152601 parameter not supported
2162602 parameter value invalid
2172603 threshold parameters not supported
2182604 invalid release of persistent reservation
2192605 data decryption error
2202606 too many target descriptors
2212607 unsupported target descriptor type code
2222608 too many segment descriptors
2232609 unsupported segment descriptor type code
224260a unexpected inexact segment
225260b inline data length exceeded
226260c invalid operation for copy source or destination
227260d copy segment granularity violation
228260e invalid parameter while port is enabled
229260f invalid data-out buffer integrity check value
2302610 data decryption key fail limit reached
2312611 incomplete key-associated data set
2322612 vendor specific key reference not found
2332700 write protected
2342701 hardware write protected
2352702 logical unit software write protected
2362703 associated write protect
2372704 persistent write protect
2382705 permanent write protect
2392706 conditional write protect
2402707 space allocation failed write protect
2412800 not ready to ready change, medium may have changed
2422801 import or export element accessed
2432802 format-layer may have changed
2442803 import/export element accessed, medium changed
2452900 power on, reset, or bus device reset occurred
2462901 power on occurred
2472902 scsi bus reset occurred
2482903 bus device reset function occurred
2492904 device internal reset
2502905 transceiver mode changed to single-ended
2512906 transceiver mode changed to lvd
2522907 i_t nexus loss occurred
2532a00 parameters changed
2542a01 mode parameters changed
2552a02 log parameters changed
2562a03 reservations preempted
2572a04 reservations released
2582a05 registrations preempted
2592a06 asymmetric access state changed
2602a07 implicit asymmetric access state transition failed
2612a08 priority changed
2622a09 capacity data has changed
2632a0a error history i_t nexus cleared
2642a0b error history snapshot released
2652a0c error recovery attributes have changed
2662a0d data encryption capabilities changed
2672a10 timestamp changed
2682a11 data encryption parameters changed by another i_t nexus
2692a12 data encryption parameters changed by vendor specific event
2702a13 data encryption key instance counter has changed
2712a14 sa creation capabilities data has changed
2722b00 copy cannot execute since host cannot disconnect
2732c00 command sequence error
2742c01 too many windows specified
2752c02 invalid combination of windows specified
2762c03 current program area is not empty
2772c04 current program area is empty
2782c05 illegal power condition request
2792c06 persistent prevent conflict
2802c07 previous busy status
2812c08 previous task set full status
2822c09 previous reservation conflict status
2832c0a partition or collection contains user objects
2842c0b not reserved
2852d00 overwrite error on update in place
2862e00 insufficient time for operation
2872f00 commands cleared by another initiator
2882f01 commands cleared by power loss notification
2892f02 commands cleared by device server
2903000 incompatible medium installed
2913001 cannot read medium - unknown format
2923002 cannot read medium - incompatible format
2933003 cleaning cartridge installed
2943004 cannot write medium - unknown format
2953005 cannot write medium - incompatible format
2963006 cannot format medium - incompatible medium
2973007 cleaning failure
2983008 cannot write - application code mismatch
2993009 current session not fixated for append
300300a cleaning request rejected
301300c worm medium - overwrite attempted
302300d worm medium - integrity check
3033010 medium not formatted
3043011 incompatible volume type
3053012 incompatible volume qualifier
3063013 cleaning volume expired
3073100 medium format corrupted
3083101 format command failed
3093102 zoned formatting failed due to spare linking
3103200 no defect spare location available
3113201 defect list update failure
3123300 tape length error
3133400 enclosure failure
3143500 enclosure services failure
3153501 unsupported enclosure function
3163502 enclosure services unavailable
3173503 enclosure services transfer failure
3183504 enclosure services transfer refused
3193505 enclosure services checksum error
3203600 ribbon, ink, or toner failure
3213700 rounded parameter
3223800 event status notification
3233802 esn - power management class event
3243804 esn - media class event
3253806 esn - device busy class event
3263807 thin provisioning soft threshold reached
3273900 saving parameters not supported
3283a00 medium not present
3293a01 medium not present - tray closed
3303a02 medium not present - tray open
3313a03 medium not present - loadable
3323a04 medium not present - medium auxiliary memory accessible
3333b00 sequential positioning error
3343b01 tape position error at beginning-of-medium
3353b02 tape position error at end-of-medium
3363b03 tape or electronic vertical forms unit not ready
3373b04 slew failure
3383b05 paper jam
3393b06 failed to sense top-of-form
3403b07 failed to sense bottom-of-form
3413b08 reposition error
3423b09 read past end of medium
3433b0a read past beginning of medium
3443b0b position past end of medium
3453b0c position past beginning of medium
3463b0d medium destination element full
3473b0e medium source element empty
3483b0f end of medium reached
3493b11 medium magazine not accessible
3503b12 medium magazine removed
3513b13 medium magazine inserted
3523b14 medium magazine locked
3533b15 medium magazine unlocked
3543b16 mechanical positioning or changer error
3553b17 read past end of user object
3563b18 element disabled
3573b19 element enabled
3583b1a data transfer device removed
3593b1b data transfer device inserted
3613d00 invalid bits in identify message
3623e00 logical unit has not self-configured yet
3633e01 logical unit failure
3643e02 timeout on logical unit
3653e03 logical unit failed self-test
3663e04 logical unit unable to update self-test log
3673f00 target operating conditions have changed
3683f01 microcode has been changed
3693f02 changed operating definition
3703f03 inquiry data has changed
3713f04 component device attached
3723f05 device identifier changed
3733f06 redundancy group created or modified
3743f07 redundancy group deleted
3753f08 spare created or modified
3763f09 spare deleted
3773f0a volume set created or modified
3783f0b volume set deleted
3793f0c volume set deassigned
3803f0d volume set reassigned
3813f0e reported luns data has changed
3823f0f echo buffer overwritten
3833f10 medium loadable
3843f11 medium auxiliary memory accessible
3853f12 iscsi ip address added
3863f13 iscsi ip address removed
3873f14 iscsi ip address changed
3884000 ram failure (should use 40 nn)
38940nn diagnostic failure on component nn (80h-ffh)
3904100 data path failure (should use 40 nn)
3914200 power-on or self-test failure (should use 40 nn)
3924300 message error
3934400 internal target failure
3944471 ata device failed set features
3954500 select or reselect failure
3964600 unsuccessful soft reset
3974700 scsi parity error
3984701 data phase crc error detected
3994702 scsi parity error detected during st data phase
4004703 information unit iucrc error detected
4014704 asynchronous information protection error detected
4024705 protocol service crc error
4034706 phy test function in progress
404477f some commands cleared by iscsi protocol event
4054800 initiator detected error message received
4064900 invalid message error
4074a00 command phase error
4084b00 data phase error
4094b01 invalid target port transfer tag received
4104b02 too much write data
4114b03 ack/nak timeout
4124b04 nak received
4134b05 data offset error
4144b06 initiator response timeout
4154b07 connection lost
4164c00 logical unit failed self-configuration
4174dnn tagged overlapped commands (nn = task tag)
4184e00 overlapped commands attempted
4205000 write append error
4215001 write append position error
4225002 position error related to timing
4235100 erase failure
4245101 erase failure - incomplete erase operation detected
4255200 cartridge fault
4265300 media load or eject failed
4275301 unload tape failure
4285302 medium removal prevented
4295303 medium removal prevented by data transfer element
4305304 medium thread or unthread failure
4315400 scsi to host system interface failure
4325500 system resource failure
4335501 system buffer full
4345502 insufficient reservation resources
4355503 insufficient resources
4365504 insufficient registration resources
4375505 insufficient access control resources
4385506 auxiliary memory out of space
4395507 quota error
4405508 maximum number of supplemental decryption keys exceeded
4415509 medium auxiliary memory not accessible
442550a data currently unavailable
443550b insufficient power for operation
4455700 unable to recover table-of-contents
4465800 generation does not exist
4475900 updated block read
4485a00 operator request or state change input
4495a01 operator medium removal request
4505a02 operator selected write protect
4515a03 operator selected write permit
4525b00 log exception
4535b01 threshold condition met
4545b02 log counter at maximum
4555b03 log list codes exhausted
4565c00 rpl status change
4575c01 spindles synchronized
4585c02 spindles not synchronized
4595d00 failure prediction threshold exceeded
4605d01 media failure prediction threshold exceeded
4615d02 logical unit failure prediction threshold exceeded
4625d03 spare area exhaustion prediction threshold exceeded
4635d10 hardware impending failure general hard drive failure
4645d11 hardware impending failure drive error rate too high
4655d12 hardware impending failure data error rate too high
4665d13 hardware impending failure seek error rate too high
4675d14 hardware impending failure too many block reassigns
4685d15 hardware impending failure access times too high
4695d16 hardware impending failure start unit times too high
4705d17 hardware impending failure channel parametrics
4715d18 hardware impending failure controller detected
4725d19 hardware impending failure throughput performance
4735d1a hardware impending failure seek time performance
4745d1b hardware impending failure spin-up retry count
4755d1c hardware impending failure drive calibration retry count
4765d20 controller impending failure general hard drive failure
4775d21 controller impending failure drive error rate too high
4785d22 controller impending failure data error rate too high
4795d23 controller impending failure seek error rate too high
4805d24 controller impending failure too many block reassigns
4815d25 controller impending failure access times too high
4825d26 controller impending failure start unit times too high
4835d27 controller impending failure channel parametrics
4845d28 controller impending failure controller detected
4855d29 controller impending failure throughput performance
4865d2a controller impending failure seek time performance
4875d2b controller impending failure spin-up retry count
4885d2c controller impending failure drive calibration retry count
4895d30 data channel impending failure general hard drive failure
4905d31 data channel impending failure drive error rate too high
4915d32 data channel impending failure data error rate too high
4925d33 data channel impending failure seek error rate too high
4935d34 data channel impending failure too many block reassigns
4945d35 data channel impending failure access times too high
4955d36 data channel impending failure start unit times too high
4965d37 data channel impending failure channel parametrics
4975d38 data channel impending failure controller detected
4985d39 data channel impending failure throughput performance
4995d3a data channel impending failure seek time performance
5005d3b data channel impending failure spin-up retry count
5015d3c data channel impending failure drive calibration retry count
5025d40 servo impending failure general hard drive failure
5035d41 servo impending failure drive error rate too high
5045d42 servo impending failure data error rate too high
5055d43 servo impending failure seek error rate too high
5065d44 servo impending failure too many block reassigns
5075d45 servo impending failure access times too high
5085d46 servo impending failure start unit times too high
5095d47 servo impending failure channel parametrics
5105d48 servo impending failure controller detected
5115d49 servo impending failure throughput performance
5125d4a servo impending failure seek time performance
5135d4b servo impending failure spin-up retry count
5145d4c servo impending failure drive calibration retry count
5155d50 spindle impending failure general hard drive failure
5165d51 spindle impending failure drive error rate too high
5175d52 spindle impending failure data error rate too high
5185d53 spindle impending failure seek error rate too high
5195d54 spindle impending failure too many block reassigns
5205d55 spindle impending failure access times too high
5215d56 spindle impending failure start unit times too high
5225d57 spindle impending failure channel parametrics
5235d58 spindle impending failure controller detected
5245d59 spindle impending failure throughput performance
5255d5a spindle impending failure seek time performance
5265d5b spindle impending failure spin-up retry count
5275d5c spindle impending failure drive calibration retry count
5285d60 firmware impending failure general hard drive failure
5295d61 firmware impending failure drive error rate too high
5305d62 firmware impending failure data error rate too high
5315d63 firmware impending failure seek error rate too high
5325d64 firmware impending failure too many block reassigns
5335d65 firmware impending failure access times too high
5345d66 firmware impending failure start unit times too high
5355d67 firmware impending failure channel parametrics
5365d68 firmware impending failure controller detected
5375d69 firmware impending failure throughput performance
5385d6a firmware impending failure seek time performance
5395d6b firmware impending failure spin-up retry count
5405d6c firmware impending failure drive calibration retry count
5415dff failure prediction threshold exceeded (false)
5425e00 low power condition on
5435e01 idle condition activated by timer
5445e02 standby condition activated by timer
5455e03 idle condition activated by command
5465e04 standby condition activated by command
5475e05 idle_b condition activated by timer
5485e06 idle_b condition activated by command
5495e07 idle_c condition activated by timer
5505e08 idle_c condition activated by command
5515e09 standby_y condition activated by timer
5525e0a standby_y condition activated by command
5535e41 power state change to active
5545e42 power state change to idle
5555e43 power state change to standby
5565e45 power state change to sleep
5575e47 power state change to device control
5596000 lamp failure
5606100 video acquisition error
5616101 unable to acquire video
5626102 out of focus
5636200 scan head positioning error
5646300 end of user area encountered on this track
5656301 packet does not fit in available space
5666400 illegal mode for this track
5676401 invalid packet size
5686500 voltage fault
5696600 automatic document feeder cover up
5706601 automatic document feeder lift up
5716602 document jam in automatic document feeder
5726603 document miss feed automatic in document feeder
5736700 configuration failure
5746701 configuration of incapable logical units failed
5756702 add logical unit failed
5766703 modification of logical unit failed
5776704 exchange of logical unit failed
5786705 remove of logical unit failed
5796706 attachment of logical unit failed
5806707 creation of logical unit failed
5816708 assign failure occurred
5826709 multiply assigned logical unit
583670a set target port groups command failed
584670b ata device feature not enabled
5856800 logical unit not configured
5866900 data loss on logical unit
5876901 multiple logical unit failures
5886902 parity/data mismatch
5896a00 informational, refer to log
5906b00 state change has occurred
5916b01 redundancy level got better
5926b02 redundancy level got worse
5936c00 rebuild failure occurred
5946d00 recalculate failure occurred
5956e00 command to logical unit failed
5966f00 copy protection key exchange failure - authentication failure
5976f01 copy protection key exchange failure - key not present
5986f02 copy protection key exchange failure - key not established
5996f03 read of scrambled sector without authentication
6006f04 media region code is mismatched to logical unit region
6016f05 drive region must be permanent/region reset count error
6026f06 insufficient block count for binding nonce recording
6036f07 conflict in binding nonce recording
60470nn decompression exception short algorithm id of nn
6057100 decompression exception long algorithm id
6067200 session fixation error
6077201 session fixation error writing lead-in
6087202 session fixation error writing lead-out
6097203 session fixation error - incomplete track in session
6107204 empty or partially written reserved track
6117205 no more track reservations allowed
6127206 rmz extension is not allowed
6137207 no more test zone extensions are allowed
6147300 cd control error
6157301 power calibration area almost full
6167302 power calibration area is full
6177303 power calibration area error
6187304 program memory area update failure
6197305 program memory area is full
6207306 rma/pma is almost full
6217310 current power calibration area almost full
6227311 current power calibration area is full
6237317 rdz is full
6247400 security error
6257401 unable to decrypt data
6267402 unencrypted data encountered while decrypting
6277403 incorrect data encryption key
6287404 cryptographic integrity validation failed
6297405 error decrypting data
6307406 unknown signature verification key
6317407 encryption parameters not useable
6327408 digital signature validation failure
6337409 encryption mode mismatch on read
634740a encrypted block not raw read enabled
635740b incorrect encryption parameters
636740c unable to decrypt parameter list
637740d encryption algorithm disabled
6387410 sa creation parameter value invalid
6397411 sa creation parameter value rejected
6407412 invalid sa usage
6417421 data encryption configuration prevented
6427430 sa creation parameter not supported
6437440 authentication failed
6447461 external data encryption key manager access error
6457462 external data encryption key manager error
6467463 external data encryption key not found
6477464 external data encryption request not authorized
648746e external data encryption control timeout
649746f external data encryption control error
6507471 logical unit access not authorized
6517479 security conflict in translated device