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 1-- [[AsphyxiaUI v3.2]] -- [09/28/2011]
 3* General chat font changed.
 4* Recount skin changed. [Credit Tukz]
 5* Databar gradient color error fixed. Thanks to Jenack.
 6* Specswitcher mouseover tooltip issue fixed.
 7* Skinned default blizzard bags, if tukui bags are disabled. [Credit Spyritus & Hydra]
 8* Old Asphyxia layout reimplemented as "Asphyxia2" layout.
 9* Healing raidframes have been reconstructed to avoid gradient color issue. Also the frame position has been changed.
10* Torment and Tormented debuffs added.
12-- [[AsphyxiaUI v3.1]] -- [09/11/2011]
14* Actionbars have been completely redone. (Eclipse's v12 setup) This setup should work better for low res users. [Cradit Eclipse]
15* Time datatext mouse over error fixed. 
16* Low resolution login error fixed for the unitframes (hopefully...i cant really test it since i dont have a row res monitor).
17* Chat frames can now be resizable via in game config.
18* BalancePower skin fixed (Thanks to Varuljin)
19* Unitframes will now spawn even if Tukui raidframes are disabled
20* Filger updated for the new version (Need low res testing) [Thanks to Varuljin]
21* Item Level will display on tooltip now. [Credit Gsuz]
22* Other minor changes...
24-- [[AsphyxiaUI v3.0]] -- [09/06/2011]
26* Texture redone on the entire UI.
27* AsphyxiaUI should now be Lowresolution compatible (Needs testing).
28* Addon toggle feature has been redone for Recount & Skada [Credit Elv for base code] (TinyDPS and Omen maybe supported at a later time).
29* Addon Manager feature has been changed (Thanks to Smelly).
30* Control panel and Actionbar config feature added [Credit Smelly]. 
31* Custom Actionbar feature removed.
32* Integrated EquipCompare feature removed.
33* Localization support discontinued temporarily. Only English language is supported.
34* Asphyxia, Asphyxia2, & Asphyxia4 unitframes removed.(Asphyxia3 is now Asphyxia).
35* Toggle buttons for Recount, Omen, Atlasloot, and Encounter journal removed.
36* Recent Tukz changes including micromenu feature and Glyph taint issue fixed. 
37* finally Bumped to version 3.0.